Marshal Co-Ordinator

For the last 18 years, Vito DePetro has carried out the crucial role as the Club’s Marshal Co-ordinator, and he has decided it’s time to finish up in this position. We are calling for a Member or other suitable person to take over this vital role. Role Duties include contacting and confirming marshals for an upcoming race.

This Club position carries with it a $50 remuneration per Race Day Event. The FCC cannot race without marshals, and our racing is very much contingent on filling the position of Marshal Co-ordinator, so please don’t hesitate to put your name forward ( if you feel you could do the job!


The Executive is pleased to announce the Footscray Cycling Club’s return to racing!
When and where? At the VU Circuit Saturday November 6th, with B/D grades setting off at 9am and A/C grades at 10am, and as of 11 November, Thursdays at 5:45pm B/D and 6:45pm for A/C.
Entries are via Entryboss:
For the first few weeks, racing will be for Members Only. We anticipate opening this up once our systems are in place, and we anticipate starting racing at Drake Blvd, Altona in early December.
Riders, Officials, Spectators MUST QR Code check in via the Services Victoria App, and MUST produce a valid covid vaccination certificate (either a printed copy or viewed via their smartphone).
Please be aware that there is limited parking as there is a covid hub in the VU carpark, and please try and arrive at least 30 minutes before your race starts so you can check-in without stress.
We are also asking riders to exercise an extra degree of caution and prudence in recognition of the fact that we may all be a little ‘race-rusty’, as well as exercising caution and being as ‘covid-safe’ as we can.


The FCC Executive held an emergency meeting on 17 August 2021 to decide whether to continue with the 2 remaining road season races (September 4 and September 11/12). The September 4 scheduled Gravel Race is less than 2 days after the proposed lockdown might be lifted and it may be difficult to obtain DHHS regulatory approvals in time to proceed as well as logistically impractical to deliver a safe event. September 11/12th was to be the Club’s 2 Day Tour. It was considered impracticable to proceed due to several significant reasons, including ramifications in numbers participating, sponsor commitments, marshalling and inconsistent rider fitness levels. The FCC does everything in its power to ensure that we have a viable racing program, but on this occasion the consequences of COVID leaves us no other choice.

The good news is that we will be starting our Criterium season as soon as possible after lockdown, initially at the VU in Hoppers Crossing. Further details on a new fixture will be issued shortly. Stay positive and keep on training.

Sincerely -FCC Executive

62nd Annual Club Tour Update

The FCC Executive has firmed up the details of the re-imagined, re-scheduled Footscray Cycling Club’s 62nd Annual Club Tour. The new format reflects the permissions and circuits we were able to arrange given our time constraints.

On Saturday, September 11th, we will kick the Tour off at the VU Crit Circuit in Hoppers Crossing. Stage 1 will be a ‘Hot Lap’ of the circuit, individually timed.
Stage 2, immediately afterwards, will be a 60 minute + 3 lap crit, again with sprints and bonuses.

Then, on Sunday 12th, we head out to Balliang for Stage 3. for a Road Race, starting at Balliang and out-and-back to Staughton Vale twice, for a distance of 80-90 km, with KOMs and Sprints.

Presentations will be at the Hall, with food, afterwards.

–Footscray Cycling Club, Geelong Cycling Club and Ballarat-Sebastopol Cycling Club Members Only–

We would very much appreciate early entries, so head to Entryboss and sign up!