Handicappers Corner

Welcome to the Handicappers’ Corner.

This resource is here for both members and non- members to understand how we assign racers to grades and what grades the riders are racing in.

The FCC Handicappers are Shane McGuirk and David Walker. Who can be contacted by email at handicapper@footscraycc.com.au

Our grading system is constantly updated by our handicappers. Please make sure you look your name up to check on your grade prior to any race entry. Good luck to all riders.

The Handicappers’ Guidelines

The role of our Handicappers is to assist in providing competitive racing. At the FCC we pride ourselves on the safety of our events and the encouraging nature of communication with our racers.

We aim to do this in a fair, respectful and transparent way. Below are the guidelines that the handicappers consider when grading riders and we are pleased to make these guidelines known to all.

  1. Respect for the club and its races must be shown by all competitors.
  2. Handicapping should enable strong, competitive, and fair racing. Racing at the FCC should challenge and stretch riders without dissuading riders from entry to their given grade.
  3. Riders may be promoted if they win or regularly place. A common sense approach will be taken to communicate any movement with both the rider in question but also participants in the same grade.
  4. Riders have an opportunity to discuss their grade at any time. Riders may experience an acclimatisation period in their new grade; we encourage persistence and will be in discussion with you to see how you are going in the new grade.
  5. Riders may request to be promoted. Again, a common sense approach is undertaken here and if we feel it is appropriate for the rider to move up, we will aim to provide a means to do so. If not, this will also be communicated with possible feedback and measures to fit the criteria to do so in the future.
  6. Riders may request go down a grade. If you are being dissuaded from entering any given event, please communicate this with us and we will aim to assist.
  7. Consideration may be given to a rider depending on course profile or if they have had an extended period off the bike.
  8. Riders from other clubs will be treated in the same way as FCC riders. They will be put in what is understood to be their appropriate grade. FCC operates on a trust basis with other club riders, and their results and grading will be recorded on the Grade List.
  9. The Handicappers are aiming is to encourage strong completive racing. Only by racing to your fullest potential will a fair assessment of your condition be made. Irrespective of whether you have moved grades recently, we expect you to race for the win.
  10. The Handicappers will discuss any concerns racer may have and ultimately aim to work with each grade to provide strong competitive racing for all.
  11. Every race is different, so wins and placings will be looked upon as per the individual race. Eg. How many competitors started or, how was the race won – 30min solo break or bunch sprint.

No rider will be able to enter an FCC Championship, Handicap or Memorial race until they have had 4 races with FCC, so as we can determine their Grade.

The Process
1. The Handicappers will review the results each week, and make any changes to the grades in consultation with the riders in question.

2. The new Rider Grade list will be published in Entry boss.

3. Any concerns a rider might have may be raised to the Handicappers by email to handicapper (at) footscraycc.com.au

In the aim for transparency we would prefer to communicate with rider prior to race day.