Handicappers Corner

Welcome to the Handicappers’ Corner, where you can find out how we assign racers to grades, and what grades the club’s racing members are in.

The Chief Handicapper is  Shane McGuirk. Who can be contacted by email at handicapper@footscraycc.com.au

The rider grades are constantly updated by our handicappers. Please make sure you look your name up to check on your grade prior to any race entry. Good luck to all riders.

The Handicappers’ Guidelines

The role of the Handicappers is to assist in providing safe and competitive racing.

We aim to do this in a fair, respectful and transparent way. We have 10 guidelines that the handicappers consider when grading riders and we are pleased to make these guidelines known to all.

The 10 guidelines are:

1. Handicapping should enable strong, competitive, and fair racing, and should challenge and stretch riders.

2. Respect for the club and its races must be shown by all competitors.

3. Riders may be promoted if they win twice or if they place four times in a typical sized race over a reasonable period of time – i.e. a few months. Common sense and guideline 10 directly applies here.

4. Riders promoted may expect to have a period of struggle before acclimatising to the new pace. Riders having been promoted to a higher grade must compete in at least 5 races of their new grade before any discussion can be undertaken with the handicap team.

5. Riders may request to be promoted without meeting principle 4, if it is agreed that they have an adequate skill level and are not a safety concern to other riders.

6. Riders may go down a grade if they are regularly getting dropped early in their current grade. However demoted riders need to be mindful and respectful to other riders and quality of racing in the grade they are coming down to. If that rider subsequently wins soon after in the lower grade, they will be promoted immediately. If any rider is racing without an intention to win, they should move carefully and cautiously to the back of the field before the start of the final lap.

7. Consideration may be given to a rider depending on course profile or if they have had an extended period off the bike. However please note Guideline 9 remains relevant.

8. Riders from other clubs will be treated in the same way as FCC riders. They will be put in what is understood to be their appropriate grade. FCC operates on a trust basis with other club riders, and their results and grading will be recorded on the Grade List.

9. The Handicapper has to assume you are fully fit to race. It is not the handicapper’s role to aid riders back to fitness.

10. The Handicapper has full discretion and will have the final say.

The Process
1. The Handicappers will review the results each week, and make any changes to the grades by Tuesday evening.

2. The new Rider Grade list will be published on Handicappers’ Corner, and provided to the entry taker.

3. The Rider Grade list records wins and places, and also identifies trends in form, such as “close to moving up”, or “new to grade”.

4. Any concerns a rider might have may be raised to the Handicappers by email to handicapper(at)footscraycc.com.au prior to race day. Rider’s grades will not be discussed at all on race day.

The Rider Grade List
Please find attached the list of riders and their grade.

Rider Grades

Enjoy your racing, and as Eddy Merckx says, “when in pain, attack!”