Marshalling and Volunteering

In order to be able to run our Road and Criterium races the Footscray Cycling Club needs all members to help out by either marshalling at a corner, doing first aid, following a bunch in a car or judging. Typically, it takes between 12 to 15 members to conduct each road race. This adds up to a substantial amount of volunteer positions we need to fill over 12 months of road and criterium racing. To achieve this, the commitment asked of all members is to help at 2 road races and 1 criterium per racing year.

Without the support of the members, we could not continue to provide the racing events we do at FCC to the benefit of all cyclists. We strongly believe that it is every member’s responsibility to contribute their part to the Club, allowing us to all continue to race. By joining the FCC you are becoming a part of a club with a rich history of racing, being part of a community that lives and loves bike racing. Volunteering lets you catch up with your mates, hear stories and gives everyone a way of taking part in a sport we all love.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many volunteer duties do I need to do?
    3 every year. 2 during the road season and 1 during the criterium season.

  2. Can a family member or friend fill in for me?
    Yes of course, provided they are over 16, this is often a good arrangement if you want to race and fulfill your volunteer duties.

  3. What type of volunteer roles are available?
    First Aid – Requires first aid qualifications- usually Level 2 or above.
    Corner Marshals
    Follow Cars

  4. I only race criteriums or I only race the road season, why should I do my duties?
    We’re a club that prides itself on providing racing all year round. This is only possible because we expect our members to do their volunteer duties. By everyone doing their part, it means we’ll have a race on most weekends.

  5. I’m currently not racing or having some time off. Why should I do my duties?
    Same as point 4 above, we still expect you as a member to do your duties; racing doesn’t stop because you have. By doing your part we can continue to put on racing all year round and means there will be a race for you when you return. 

  6. Due to exceptional circumstances I cannot do my duty on my nominated race.
    Contact our volunteer co-ordinator (John Mogavero) immediately. Give us plenty of time and we’ll be able to arrange for your nominated day to be moved. Don’t give us enough time and we may have to arrange to have someone paid to take your spot, this normally costs the club $75 which we will pass on to you.

  7. I have first aid qualifications, what can I do to help?
    We require at a minimum 1 first aid person at all of our races, so if you have first aid qualifications, try to fill one of the first aid spots before a regular spot. This will help the club so we don’t have to find and pay for first aid.

  8. Why not charge more for race entry and pay for marshals?
    Unfortunately even by paying $75, it is very difficult to find people who will show up at every race that care about your physical well-being while you are racing. The cost per race would be too high and could not be justifiably passed on to all members.
    12 Marshals @ $75 (minimum at many of our road races): $900
    100 entries with extra $5 charge: $500
    Total: -$400

  9. Can I share my criterium duty at Drake Blvd, so I can still race?
    Yes riders can share their duties provided they arrange this between themselves. An A/C rider can do half their duty during the B/D race and vice versa. Both riders will still have to nominate a date. It is the responsibility of the nominating person to fulfill the duty should the other person be unavailable for any reason.It’s important that if you are having this arrangement that both riders are there for the morning briefing and that the change over is executed as quick as possible so there are no delays with starting the next race.