The Executive is pleased to announce the Footscray Cycling Club’s return to racing!
When and where? At the VU Circuit Saturday November 6th, with B/D grades setting off at 9am and A/C grades at 10am, and as of 11 November, Thursdays at 5:45pm B/D and 6:45pm for A/C.
Entries are via Entryboss:
For the first few weeks, racing will be for Members Only. We anticipate opening this up once our systems are in place, and we anticipate starting racing at Drake Blvd, Altona in early December.
Riders, Officials, Spectators MUST QR Code check in via the Services Victoria App, and MUST produce a valid covid vaccination certificate (either a printed copy or viewed via their smartphone).
Please be aware that there is limited parking as there is a covid hub in the VU carpark, and please try and arrive at least 30 minutes before your race starts so you can check-in without stress.
We are also asking riders to exercise an extra degree of caution and prudence in recognition of the fact that we may all be a little ‘race-rusty’, as well as exercising caution and being as ‘covid-safe’ as we can.

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