62nd Annual Club Tour Update

The FCC Executive has firmed up the details of the re-imagined, re-scheduled Footscray Cycling Club’s 62nd Annual Club Tour. The new format reflects the permissions and circuits we were able to arrange given our time constraints.

On Saturday, September 11th, we will kick the Tour off at the VU Crit Circuit in Hoppers Crossing. Stage 1 will be a ‘Hot Lap’ of the circuit, individually timed.
Stage 2, immediately afterwards, will be a 60 minute + 3 lap crit, again with sprints and bonuses.

Then, on Sunday 12th, we head out to Balliang for Stage 3. for a Road Race, starting at Balliang and out-and-back to Staughton Vale twice, for a distance of 80-90 km, with KOMs and Sprints.

Presentations will be at the Hall, with food, afterwards.

–Footscray Cycling Club, Geelong Cycling Club and Ballarat-Sebastopol Cycling Club Members Only–

We would very much appreciate early entries, so head to Entryboss and sign up!


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