Urgent Message to Members


The continuation of future racing at FCC is under threat.


There is a significant deficiency in nominations for Marshal volunteers. The circuit for the Salter memorial had to be changed at the last moment due to lack of requisite marshal numbers. A check of volunteer numbers for future races (including the Club Tour) indicate that these races will be cancelled.


Please register your marshalling duties on the Eventbrite website. It would be appreciated if you could do this as an urgent action so we can plan for future racing.

If you have already registered both of your duties, we thank you very much. For those who have nominated 1 you’re halfway there, thank you, please complete your final registration asap.


If you need help with Eventbrite (or for any other queries) you can contact Vito on 0408 147 709. You are also reminded of the long-term policy of the Club that a member will not be permitted to race until marshalling nominations on Eventbrite have been completed.

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