Criterium FAQ

What time do the crits start?

  • Sunday crits at Drake Blvd will start at 9:00 AM for E/C Grade , 10:00 AM for D/B Grade and 11:00AM for A Grade
  • Saturday crits at VU will start at 9:00 AM for D/B Grade and 10:00AM for C/A Grade
  • Thursday crits at VU will start at 5:45 PM for D/B Grade and 6:45 PM for C/A Grade

Please make sure you check the FCC websiteFCC Facebook or FCC Twitter for any announcement for changes to these times.

Where is the VU circuit?

Victoria University (VUT) Skills Training Centre in Hoppers Lane, Hoppers Crossing. Enter via Gate 5 next to Athletics Track. (Melways Ref 206 J6).

Parking: Cars are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED onto the race circuit and warm up area at the VU. Parking is available at the Gate 5 entrance and there is limited parking on the grass just before the entrance to the circuit.

How do I enter?

Entries are taken online, use the “Online Race Entry” button on the website or by clicking here. We strongly encourage all riders to use the online race entry system as this will significantly reduce the amount of work required to put on racing.

How much does it cost to enter a race?

$15.49 (49c Credit Card Merchant Fee) online entries for all riders from any club.

I’m an FCC member and haven’t done my marshaling duties. (At the start of the year, ALL members had to Nominate for TWO duties during the road season and 1 during the criterium season. Most did, some did not.)

This club is run by volunteers and we require everyone to pull their weight and do their marshaling duties to keep racing safe.

It’s simple, “No Marshall, no race! We know who you are! Riders who failed to nominate for duties will not be able to race until they have satisfied the Marshal Co-Ordinator (Vito DePetro) that they have nominated for TWO Road races and ONE criterium race at Drake Blvd. You can register for your marshaling duties by using the “Volunteer Duties” button on the website or by clicking here.

Do I need a CA (Cycling Australia) licence?

Yes you do, you will need a racing licence issued by Cycling Australia which you can get online from (A RACE Membership is required). If you are trying racing for the first time, you can get a 3 race pass ($51.20) available from Cycling Australia (These are no longer available on the day and must be done online prior to attending a race).

If you have previously held a CA membership, you will NOT be eligible to purchase a 3 race pass as they are strictly for first time racers who want to try it out. Do not buy a 3 race pass if you have previously held a CA Racing Membership as you will be violating the terms and conditions of the temporary membership and may not be covered for insurance.

All riders MUST show a valid licence OR proof of renewal (i.e. printout/PDF of online renewal). If you forget your licence, or proof of licence you can purchase a Day Permit ($38.65) online here.

Do I need a working red rear light (Race Light Policy)?

For all crits held at Drake Blvd you will require a red rear light as per CV race light policy. If you forget a light we will have a small supply for purchase and hire on the day.

Crits held at the VU are exempt as it is a closed circuit in a private facility.

What grade will I be racing in?

Riders of all abilities are encouraged to come and compete with Footscray Cycling Club.

Footscray Cycling Club offers 5 Grades of racing – A, B, C, D & E.

E Grade racing is available for novice members with an instructor for expert guidance. Further details available when entering.

Check handicappers Corner on the Footscray Cycling Club Website before the race, you will not be able to change your grade on the day. If you have any concerns contact Absolutely NO discussions of grading will be tolerated on the day / in the queue; sanctions will apply to any transgressions.

You haven’t answered my question.

You can contact us at or try us on our Facebook page, otherwise get in touch with one of the committee members.