Race Reports and Results – R18

Warm night; very windy. Hard racing in all grades. A Grade saw Andrew McAuley clear off and take the win after they smashed themselves apart within 10 minutes. Probably only 7 guys left by the end. In B grade, Peter McQuade just dropped in from Singapore join his old mates and promptly managed to break away, nearly lap B and earn himself a promo to A, taking the win in great style. Frank Crifo had another win in C and earned himself a promo to B grade, and Tony Murrell showed off and took the win in D grade!

A: 1st: Andrew McAuley, 2nd: Brett Kingston, 3rd: Travis Small, 4th: Chris Munro
B 1st: Peter McQuade, 2nd: Brett Manning, 3rd: Mark Micallef, 4th: Michael Dam
C 1st: Frank Crifo, 2nd: Thomas Rebesco, 3rd: Hamish Munro, 4th: David Lane
D 1st: Tony Murrell, 2nd: Jaron Fisher, 3rd: Garry Day, 4th: Phil Krajewski

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