Race Report and Results – R4 and R5

Round 4 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s 2015/6 Criterium season, held this Wednesday out at the Victoria University track in Hoppers Crossing. Andrew Bonello took another Wednesday night win in A Grade, with the standout ride of the day was Aaron Mulkearns, who rode away form a strong B-Grade field to win in fine style.
A. Andrew Bonello, Paul Kenny, Travis Small, David Newitt, Chris Munro.
B. Aaron Mulkearns, Peter Mazzarella, Vito Depetro, Vladimir Djuric, Michael Dam.
C. Shane Ward, Oscar Dart, Andrew Newman, Rory Wilson, Ross Liley.
D. Shawn Smith, Graeme Wilson, Mark Koutsogiannis, James Stuart, Dennis Hobbs.

Sunday morning’s round 5 racing saw the FCC have its first race of the season out at Drake Boulevard, with a very strong Northerly wind pretty much ensuring the bunches were busted up within a few laps, and riders ending up in smaller grupettos . A-Grade’s race saw Club Champion Dom Dudkiewicz establish a break and maintain it all the way to the finish, with Brent Woodlock taking second place and Andrew Bonello third. B-Grade’s race saw several riders break away, with Matt Elkan and Hans Birk simply blowing the field away and lapping the whole field, with Vito Depetro taking a well-earned third place in a second breakaway with Drapac boys Ag Giramondo and Allen Nash.
C-Grade’s race was dominated by three very strong riders who powered away on the front; Rory Wilson, Shane Ward and Paul Berry taking first to third. D-Grade’s race was dominated by one rider, Sam Edward, who lapped the entire field and took the win in fine style, even powering past C-Grade on his way to victory!

A: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz, 2nd Brent Woodlock, 3rd Andrew Bonello, 4th Chris Munro, 5th Miles DaCosta.
B: 1st Matt Eklan, 2nd Hans Birk, 3rd Vito DePetro, 4th Agostino Giramondo, 5th Allen Nash.
C: 1st Rory Wilson, 2nd Shane Ward, 3rd Paul Berry, 4th Thomas Rebesco, 5th Phil Tehan.
D: 1st Sam Edmund, 2nd David Hatton, 3rd Richard Parker.

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