Race Report and Results R20

Very brief report on Wednesday night’s crits. A very windy night; South-Easterly blowing a, gale made the hardy few who turned up suffer.

A-Grade’s small bunch was smashed to bits in no time flat by a series of attacks culminating in the mother of all attacks by current World Record holder in the 4km Pursuit C5 Para-cycling, Michael Gallagher; the 35 year old Sunbury resident just kept attacking lap after lap and blew the bunch to bits. By the end of the race, Gallagher was in a league of his own and a lap up on Travis Small, who was a lap up on Mark Micallef, and everyone else had had enough and gone home for fish’n’chips.

Like A-Grade, B-Grade’s race suffered low numbers, but the hardy lads who showed up kept mainly together, with young Matty Johnson taking the win from cycling legend and chief broom man Phil Tehan, who showed no deference to youth and beat young Michael Dam home by a wheel; Michael claiming his mullet cost him valuable aero and slowed him down.

In C-Grade, Richard Cozzella raced his second ever crit and took his second ever win by grinding away on the front; the lad will be appearing in a B-Grade thriller in a movie theatre near you very soon!

In D-Grade, Mick Hazeldene win a grinding sprint from Tom Moloney who just pipped Jack Khenkitisak.
A: 1st Michael Gallagher, 2nd Travis Small, 3rd Mark Micallef.
B: 1st Matthew Johnson, 2nd Phil Tehan, 3rd Michael Dam.
C: 1st Richard Cozzella, 2nd Luke Jaques, 3rd Luke Morrison, 4th Thomas Rebesco, 5th Matt Strachan.
D: 1st Michael Hazeldene, 2nd Tom Moloney, 3rd Jack Khenkitisak, 4th Ray Moriaty, 5th Steven Biggs.

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