Race Report and Results – BikeBug Summer Series – Race 2

Footscray Cycling Club Summer Series race #2 @ Drake Blvd, 7/2/16.

Round 29 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s summer criterium racing saw riders contest the FCC Summer Series Race #2 of 4 at Drake Boulevard in Altona on a sensational summer’s morning with a light Southerly blowing.

In A-Grade, Dom Dudkiewicz tried to break up proceedings with a series of attacks to break the field up, but the bunch just kept dragging itself back into the fray. ‘I put in a few tentative attacks at the start and then I put in a couple of more serious attacks, including one lap averaging 49kph and we were down to about 7 or 8 and then after a few more hits we were down to 5; me, Travis, Miles, Ross and Andy, and then I tried four or five times to get off the front; once for 10 minutes, and I wanted to bring one guy with me but the 4 were just working well together so I knew I needed to go back to them and that’s how we stayed until the end. Ross Meuler went hard before the last corner and I hesitated a bit and he has maybe 4 bike lengths on me. I thought I’d blown it but I dug deep and didn’t ease up and passed him as we hit the line. Dudkiewicz took the win and the Series lead from Meuler and Andy McAuley In second and third.

In B-Grade, a late race 2 man break saw 32 year old Geelong CC rider Piers Nyeholt and Steven Moses ride clear of the bunch and take the first 2 placings, with the hotly contested bunch sprint being taken by Scott Brown from Craig Brinsdon. Nyeholt and Moses went up the road with Michael Dam, but soon found themselves on their own. ‘Once it was the two of us, we just settled in to swapping turns and we worked really well together. No deals, just get to the end. The bunch nearly caught us but we hung in.’

In C-Grade, Leyland Webb went one better that his second in Race #1, taking the sprint from Seb Chetcuti and just up from D Andre Vidic; Webb putting himself in the box seat with the series lead.

In D-Grade, Gareth Burnett also went one better than last week, taking the win in D from Peter Brown and Cam Atchison; Burnett sitting pretty in the series lead.

Race #2 Results
A: 10 pts Dom Dudkiewicz, 8 Ross Meuler, 6 Andrew McAuley, 4 Miles DaCosta, 2 Travis Small.
B: 10 pts Piers Nyeholt, 8 Steven Moses, 6 Scott Brown, 4 Craig Brinsdon, 2 Simon Whelan.
C: 10 pts Leyland Webb, 8 Sebastien Chetcuti, 6 Andre Vidic, 4 Richard Parker, 2 Tim Hobbs.
D: 10 pts Gareth Burnett, 8 Peter Brown, 6 Cameron Atchison, 4 Cameron Godwin, 2 Mel Humphries-Grey.

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