Race 4 – VU – Race Report and Results

LEONARD, NICHOLAS (Murwillumbah Cycle Club)
SMALL, TRAVIS (Footscray Cycling Club)
CLARK, Iain (Brunswick Cycling Club)
KENNY, PAUL (Footscray Cycling Club)

WEITZEL, TIMM (Footscray Cycling Club)
MARINO, Antonio (Footscray Cycling Club)
DEPETRO, VITO (Footscray Cycling Club)
MAZZARELLA, PETER (Brunswick Cycling Club)

SMITH, SHAWN (Footscray Cycling Club)
DUFFIN, IAN (Footscray Cycling Club)
TEHAN, PHILLIP (Footscray Cycling Club)
KOUTSOGIANNIS, MARK (Footscray Cycling Club)

DIXON, Jay (Coburg Cycling Club)
STUART, JAMES (Footscray Cycling Club)
DAM, SARAH (St Kilda Cycling Club)
CRAM, BARRY (Footscray Cycling Club)

and Michael Dam’s lightning report in lieu of my absence…
Conditions were perfect, low winds and warm brilliant night.
D grade bunch stayed largely together, bunch sprint.
C grade saw Seb go on an early break to be brought back. Shawn Smith went solo for a while after that and got brought back only to go again and take the win from a chasing bunch.
B Grade I (Michael ‘Mullet’ Dam ) went from the start, Vito and Mark Spiteri got across with the rest of the bunch. I went again and this time stayed out there for much longer, with Dave Walker making it across as well. I blew up and we got brought back. Timm Weitzel and Antonio Marino put in an attack after that which stuck to the finish, with Vito trying to bridge across, surviving for 3rd just ahead of a chasing bunch.
A grade. it looked like Nick Leonard and Travis got away from the rest of them.

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