R5 – VU – Race Report and Results

Footscray Cycling Club Weekly Criterium Report – Sun 6 Nov ‘16.
Round 5 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s 2016/7 Criterium season was held out at the Victoria University track out at Hoppers Crossing, with a fine but windy morning greeting riders.

A-Grade’s crit began with the WattBomb riders hardening up the race with some pace and at the 10 minute mark the first break got away with Miles da Costa, Travis Small and Danny Hopper getting a few hundred metres off the front. After a few laps Hopper hopped off and 30 minutes in it was clear that Dominik Dudkiewicz, like 6 out of 7 dwarves, was not Happy, and he set about bridging the gap with fellow chasers John Linke and Nicholas Leonard. Eventually, Small and DaCosta got caught by the triggered trio. The five leaders then called a temporary truce, swapping turns and like death-row inmates, awaited their fate in the sprint, with Club Champion Dudkiewicz entertaining all with his 250 kph wind-assisted sprint, ahead of Leonard in second place and Travis ‘The Tank Engine’ Small in third place.

B grade saw some early attacks as riders tried to take advantage of the cross winds with Paul Cullen and the very much in-form Josh Grieve getting clear and establishing a good lead. In the ensuing scramble, Vito Depetro, Thomas Rebesco and Andrew Smeal all made the do-or-die effort needed to bridge to the 2 man break, jumping across one by one and eventually forming a very strong bunch to lead the race. It really did look like the die had been set, but, to their credit, the chasing bunch worked hard and brought the race back together. Sunbury rider Andrew Smeal took the initiative and led the bunch with some very strong riding, making everyone think twice about attacking and going on to take the sprint from a very strong Vito Depetro, with Josh Grieve taking a well-earned third place.

C grade’s race blew apart when Andrew Naughtin, Sam Warren and Alastiar Delooze broke away from the bunch, establishing a massive lead. Amazingly the super-strong Delooze struggled with the pace and dropped off the leading two, riding a lonely race stuck in no man’s land and holding on for 3rd, with Andrew Naughtin taking his maiden win in his first race from Sam Warren in 2nd.

D grade saw newcomer John Mogavero take his first win in his second ever race, with a solo breakaway, with Dominic Tulloch taking second place and the bunch sprint from Daniel Atkins in third place.

DUDKIEWICZ, DOMINIK (Footscray Cycling Club)
LEONARD, NICHOLAS (Murwillumbah Cycle Club)
SMALL, TRAVIS (Footscray Cycling Club)

SMEAL, ANDREW (Sunbury Cycling Club)
DEPETRO, VITO (Footscray Cycling Club)
GRIEVE, JOSHUA (Geelong Cycling Club)

NAUGHTIN, ANDREW (Footscray Cycling Club)
WARREN, SAM (Brunswick Cycling Club)
DELOOZE, ALASTAIR (Footscray Cycling Club)

TULLOCH, DOMINIC (Sunbury Cycling Club)
ATKINS, DANIEL (Footscray Cycling Club)

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