Club Kit

Footscray Cycling Club Kit is available to order through Seight

We have a small sample of kit to try on and purchase at the races, alternatively you can purchase it directly from Seight by following the link here. Use the password Footscray to access the online store.

FCC Kit ordering FAQ

Why is the kit store closed?

Seight process our kit orders in batches, they will open the kit store ready to take orders a few times a year. FCC stock some kit for you to purchase at the races usually the main items so we may not have what you want.


What’s the online address for ordering?


What’s the Password for the online store?



Is there any difference in price between buying from the FCC and online from Seight’s myteamshop?

NO, except the online store charges a flat $10 for delivery.


Will the FCC do a bulk order?

Yes, but we can’t guarantee you we will have what you want; we’ll order the main items, some S, more M and L,

some XL. We’ll let you know what we order.


How do I get the right size?

Seight have very precise and helpful sizing charts for their gear; DON’T guess, get that tape measure out and be

100% sure! You be fatter than your mirror suggests (!) HERE:


When do I get my awesome kit?

Well, about 3-4 times a year there will be a cut-off date, at which point the order is placed. Then, it will be approx 4-

6 weeks until it’s delivered. So order way before you need it! Remember grasshopper, patience is a virtue!

What’s the difference between Aero Cut, Race Cut and Club Cut?

Well Aero Cut is made of the lightest material and suits those amongst us who are weight weenies.

Race Cut is made of a heavier material but is cut slimmer and tighter. Only for those with cut abs who want the  world to know.

Club Cut is the ‘standard’ cut that 90% of racers order. Quality material that is made to last.


What’s the difference between ‘Custom Elite Pro’ and ‘Custom Elite’?

These are the top 2 rungs of the Seight clothing ladder. We didn’t even look at the levels below this. The pro uses the

top state of the art stuff, the Elite one level below. As an example, on the knicks, the Elite has the elastic grips and

the Pro the silicone.


What’s the difference between the Custom Vest and the Wind Vest?

The wind vest uses ‘windtech’ material, so much better wind resistance.


What’s the difference between the Custom Jacket, Custom Rain Jacket and Custom Thermal Jacket?

Custom jacket offers the least protection (summer), the Rain Jacket is 100% waterproof, and the Thermal Jacket has

fleecy lining for winter.


What are the gloves like?

They are Euro designed and made and have good padding I’m told!


And the booties?

These, like the author, are lightweight! Lycra covers not for winter!