Footscray Cycling Club Graded Scratch Races @ Balliang, 9 July 2016.

The Footscray Cycling Club Winter Road Season racing has started back up again after a short mid-season break. After a week of cold and wet miserable weather, racers headed out to Balliang and were greeted with sunny blue skies, cool conditions and little to no wind at all. The perfect day for some fast racing over the top of Granite Road and back.

The A-Grade bunch stayed together, the perfect conditions delaying any attacks from the bunch and it wasn’t until the climb back over Granite Road to Balliang Hall that the race split up. Andrew McAuley managed to get clear of what was remaining of the bunch to take the win from Andrew Bonello, Miles DaCosta and Alistair Tubb.

B-Grade saw Matt Muscat, Steve Muscat and Josh Ryan get away over the top of Granite Road. The three established a large gap over the chasers and the pace too hot for Josh who dropped back. Matt and Steve Muscat extended their lead all the way to the finish, Matt taking the win from his brother Steve. Ben O’Leary out sprinted Josh Ryan from what was left of the bunch.

C-Grade, young Hamish Munro wore the bunch down on the climbs and outsprinted Timm Weitzel for the win, with Terry Harris coming in third.

D-Grade bunch stayed together with Walter Chetcuti winning the sprint from Bob Shannon, Barry Cram, Steve Biggs and Tommy Gray.

A: 1st Andrew McAuley, 2nd Andrew Bonello, 3rd Miles DaCosta, 4th Alistair Tubb, 5th Rowan Philip.

B: 1st Matt Muscat, 2nd Steve Muscat, 3rd Ben O’Leary, 4th Josh Ryan, 5th Craig Fry.

C: 1st Hamish Munro, 2nd Timm Weitzel, 3rd Terry Harris, 4th Michael Hazeldine, 5th David Jukes.

D: 1st Walter Chetcuti, 2nd Bob Shannon, 3rd Barry Cram, 4th Steve Biggs, 5th Tommy Gray.

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