2018 Road

Course details available here.

Race Day Date / Time Circuit Event / Format Members Only
R1 Sun 29-Apr-18   9:30AM Balliang Come and try day – Graded Scratch No
R2 Sun 6-May-18   9:30AM Box Forest Salter Memorial and (AGM) – Graded Scratch Yes
R3 Sat 12-May-18   1:00PM Sandy Creek Hugh Cram Memorial – Handicap Yes
R4 Sat 19-May-18   1:00PM Sheoaks Graded Scratch No
R5 Sat 26-May-18   TBA Redesdale Northern Combine Hosting – Handicap Series Race 1 No
R6 Sun 03-Jun-18   9:30AM Flinders Ave Hugh Cram Memorial – Handicap Yes
R7 Sat 09-Jun-18   TBA Balliang FCC Tour Stage 1 & 2 Yes (Footscray and Geelong Cycling Clubs)
R7 Sun 10-Jun-18   TBA Sandy Creek FCC Tour Stage 3 Yes (Footscray and Geelong Cycling Clubs)
R8 Sun 17-Jun-18   10:30AM Sheoaks FCC Road Club Championships – Graded Scratch Yes
R9 Sat 23-Jun-18   1:00PM Flinders Ave FCC Road Club Championships – Graded Scratch Yes
R10 Sat 30-Jun-18   TBA Balliang Northern Combine Hosting – Handicap Series Race 2 No
R11 Sat 7-Jul-18   TBA TBA Geelong Cycling Club Hosting – Handicap Series Race 3 No
R12 Sun 15-Jul-18   9:30AM Kirksbridge

Footscray Cycling Club Hosting (Winter Classic) – Handicap Series Race 4

R13 Sat 21-Jul-18   TBA Broadford Northern Combine Hosting – Handicap Series Race 5 No
R14 Sat 28-Jul-18   1:00PM Flinders Ave Andrew McKellar Memorial – Handicap Yes
R15 Sun 05-Aug-18   9:30AM Balliang Graded Scratch No
R16 Sat 11-Aug-18  1:00PM Box Forest Footscray Cycling Club Hosting – Handicap Series Race 6 No
R17 Sat 18-Aug-18   TBA Sutherlands Creek Geelong Cycling Club Hosting (Ross Bush) – Handicap Series Race 7 No
R18 Sun 26-Aug-18   9:30AM Sandy Creek Graded Scratch No
R19 Sun 2-Sep-18   9:30AM Kirksbridge Harry Jones Memorial – Handicap Yes
R20 Sat 8-Sep-18   1:00PM Flinders Ave Graded Scratch No
R21 Sun 16-Sep-18   9:30AM Balliang Graded Scratch No
R22 Sun 23-Sep-18   9:30AM Learmonth FCC Spring Race No