December Committee Meeting Update.

The FCC Executive wishes to inform its members and guest riders of a few important decisions that were made at last night’s December Meeting.

CLUB KIT – Firstly, we will be opening the Seight Shop soon if you wish to order kit; and don’t forget Mark Zanatta has quite a lot of kits for sale as the Club has good stocks of our current kit to purchase. Also, if you want some of our superseded kit, we will be selling it at a reduced price ($50 for all items) soon, well under cost.

RIDER GRADE EXCEPTIONS – A healthy discussion was held regarding rider grade exceptions. It was felt this was discretionary, and based upon various factors. The Executive reiterated that any rider with a ‘temporary pass’ to race in a lower grade is obligated to race at the lower grade’s pace, and not initiate any breaks or chase-downs. Also, that rider must return to their intended grade for any trophy/sash/feature races.

CRIT RACE PRICING CHANGE – The Executive felt that a rationalisation of our Crit Race Entry Fees was in order. From now on, Crit races are $15 for pre-entry and $20 on the day FOR ALL RIDERS, regardless of club.

-Regards, Mark Micallef, Secretary.

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