59th Bob Robson Memorial (ANZAC Day 25th of April 2019)

The 59th Bob Robson Memorial is just around the corner (ANZAC Day 25th of April 2019). This is a very special FCC event and the only time of the year we get to race a criterium on the streets of Williamstown.

Racing kicks off at 1:30PM

There will be 3 events on the day.
1:30 PM: Men’s Support (for B grade and below): FCC Members Only.
2:10 PM: Women’s Open and Support: All clubs.
2:50 PM: Men’s Open: FCC Members and by invitation.

After racing there will be a free BBQ and presentations at the Williamstown Bowling Club for racers, volunteers, friends and family.

It’s a very spectator friendly course so we hope you can bring your supporters along.

Entries are now open, with invitations for the Men’s open being sent out on Monday. Entries are via EntryBoss https://entryboss.cc/races/1614 with field sizes capped to 40 in each event, make sure you enter early to avoid disappointment.

Maude/She Oaks race Saturday 9th September


Please be aware that Geelong Cycling Club are holding their Club Championships at the Maude/She Oaks circuit on Saturday morning. Their racing will be concluding around 12 Noon.

Please be careful and considerate when arriving, parking, entering and warming up.
Please do not park on the road side, use the reserve opposite or the paddock next to the Tennis Club Hall.

Also, please only warm-up towards Geelong, so as not to interfere with the GCC racing before its conclusion.

For the FCC marshals please initially meet in the paddock parking next to the Tennis Club Hall.

Thank you, FCC Exec.

R6 – VU – Race Report and Results

Round 6 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s 2016/7 Criterium season was held out at the Victoria University track out at Hoppers Crossing, with Thursday night’s racing being held in windy and chilly conditions.

In the A-Grade race, 29 year old Melbourne resident Andrew Bonello was revelling in the conditions. “It was quite cool and I feel I operate best in cooler conditions; so this was ideal. I didn’t do anything stupid and just stayed with the bunch, and at the end there were too many in the sprint, I just waited till the second last corner and put the foot down first and won by a few bike lengths.’ Bonello took the win from David Newett in second place and Shane Ward in third.

In B-Grade, 28 year old Williamstown resident Vlad Djuric played the waiting game. ‘We might have started off at a medium pace to let the entry taker warm up, but after that it was just attack after attack. Daniel Welch especially threw down a few huge attacks that were hard to chase. Then a group of 4 got up the road and we were lucky to chase them down. I tried a few attacks but the bunch were small but working well together so we were all together at the end. I knew I had to stick to Dan Welch’s wheel for the last few laps; on the bell lap his big engine was the perfect leadout.’ The tiring Welch, having hammered on the front for the last lap, was swamped on the line by Djuric in first place and Mark Micallef in second, Welch hanging on to third.

C-Grade’s race was taken by Southern Masters rider Damian Gatt, who went first and held off Seb Chetcuti and new to racing Damian Care, and in D-Grade, veteran Tommy Gray showed us he still has it by beating Paul Beasley and Bob Shannon to the line.

A: 1 BONELLO, ANDREW (Footscray), 2 NEWETT, DAVID (Footscray), 3 WARD, SHANE (Footscray), 4 MULKEARNS, AARON (Echuca/Moama)
B: 1 DJURIC, VLAD (Footscray), 2 MICALLEF, MARK (Footscray), 3 WELCH, DANIEL (Footscray), 4 NAUGHTIN, ANDREW (Footscray)
C: 1 GATT, DAMIAN (Southern Masters), 2 CHETCUTI, SEB (Footscray), 3 CARE, DAMIAN (3RL), 4 LANE, DAVID (Footscray)
D: 1 GRAY, TOMMY (Footscray), 2 BEASLEY, PAUL (Footscray), 3 SHANNON, ROBERT (Footscray), 4 WILSON, GRAEME (Footscray)

R5 – VU – Race Report and Results

Footscray Cycling Club Weekly Criterium Report – Sun 6 Nov ‘16.
Round 5 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s 2016/7 Criterium season was held out at the Victoria University track out at Hoppers Crossing, with a fine but windy morning greeting riders.

A-Grade’s crit began with the WattBomb riders hardening up the race with some pace and at the 10 minute mark the first break got away with Miles da Costa, Travis Small and Danny Hopper getting a few hundred metres off the front. After a few laps Hopper hopped off and 30 minutes in it was clear that Dominik Dudkiewicz, like 6 out of 7 dwarves, was not Happy, and he set about bridging the gap with fellow chasers John Linke and Nicholas Leonard. Eventually, Small and DaCosta got caught by the triggered trio. The five leaders then called a temporary truce, swapping turns and like death-row inmates, awaited their fate in the sprint, with Club Champion Dudkiewicz entertaining all with his 250 kph wind-assisted sprint, ahead of Leonard in second place and Travis ‘The Tank Engine’ Small in third place.

B grade saw some early attacks as riders tried to take advantage of the cross winds with Paul Cullen and the very much in-form Josh Grieve getting clear and establishing a good lead. In the ensuing scramble, Vito Depetro, Thomas Rebesco and Andrew Smeal all made the do-or-die effort needed to bridge to the 2 man break, jumping across one by one and eventually forming a very strong bunch to lead the race. It really did look like the die had been set, but, to their credit, the chasing bunch worked hard and brought the race back together. Sunbury rider Andrew Smeal took the initiative and led the bunch with some very strong riding, making everyone think twice about attacking and going on to take the sprint from a very strong Vito Depetro, with Josh Grieve taking a well-earned third place.

C grade’s race blew apart when Andrew Naughtin, Sam Warren and Alastiar Delooze broke away from the bunch, establishing a massive lead. Amazingly the super-strong Delooze struggled with the pace and dropped off the leading two, riding a lonely race stuck in no man’s land and holding on for 3rd, with Andrew Naughtin taking his maiden win in his first race from Sam Warren in 2nd.

D grade saw newcomer John Mogavero take his first win in his second ever race, with a solo breakaway, with Dominic Tulloch taking second place and the bunch sprint from Daniel Atkins in third place.

DUDKIEWICZ, DOMINIK (Footscray Cycling Club)
LEONARD, NICHOLAS (Murwillumbah Cycle Club)
SMALL, TRAVIS (Footscray Cycling Club)

SMEAL, ANDREW (Sunbury Cycling Club)
DEPETRO, VITO (Footscray Cycling Club)
GRIEVE, JOSHUA (Geelong Cycling Club)

NAUGHTIN, ANDREW (Footscray Cycling Club)
WARREN, SAM (Brunswick Cycling Club)
DELOOZE, ALASTAIR (Footscray Cycling Club)

TULLOCH, DOMINIC (Sunbury Cycling Club)
ATKINS, DANIEL (Footscray Cycling Club)

Race 4 – VU – Race Report and Results

LEONARD, NICHOLAS (Murwillumbah Cycle Club)
SMALL, TRAVIS (Footscray Cycling Club)
CLARK, Iain (Brunswick Cycling Club)
KENNY, PAUL (Footscray Cycling Club)

WEITZEL, TIMM (Footscray Cycling Club)
MARINO, Antonio (Footscray Cycling Club)
DEPETRO, VITO (Footscray Cycling Club)
MAZZARELLA, PETER (Brunswick Cycling Club)

SMITH, SHAWN (Footscray Cycling Club)
DUFFIN, IAN (Footscray Cycling Club)
TEHAN, PHILLIP (Footscray Cycling Club)
KOUTSOGIANNIS, MARK (Footscray Cycling Club)

DIXON, Jay (Coburg Cycling Club)
STUART, JAMES (Footscray Cycling Club)
DAM, SARAH (St Kilda Cycling Club)
CRAM, BARRY (Footscray Cycling Club)

and Michael Dam’s lightning report in lieu of my absence…
Conditions were perfect, low winds and warm brilliant night.
D grade bunch stayed largely together, bunch sprint.
C grade saw Seb go on an early break to be brought back. Shawn Smith went solo for a while after that and got brought back only to go again and take the win from a chasing bunch.
B Grade I (Michael ‘Mullet’ Dam ) went from the start, Vito and Mark Spiteri got across with the rest of the bunch. I went again and this time stayed out there for much longer, with Dave Walker making it across as well. I blew up and we got brought back. Timm Weitzel and Antonio Marino put in an attack after that which stuck to the finish, with Vito trying to bridge across, surviving for 3rd just ahead of a chasing bunch.
A grade. it looked like Nick Leonard and Travis got away from the rest of them.

Race 3 – VU – Race Report

Round 3 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s racing saw riders contest criteriums again at the Vic Uni track in Hoppers Crossing; the day’s racing being shaped by a hot and boisterous Northerly wind. In A-Grade, an early breakaway broke the peloton up into three separate groups, with Miles DaCosta initiating the winning break. ‘Pretty much from the start we were rolling hard turns and putting it into the gutter, and with the strong wind that was blowing I got clear; Nick Squillari and Travis Small bridged to me and we pulled turns for a while. Trav dropped back to the bunch and then it was Nick and I just rolling turns to the end. When we got to the end Nick gifted me the win, he was happy with 2nd and left it to me.’

B-Grade’s race was dominated by a one man break that three other riders managed to bridge across to one by one; St Kilda’s Chris Anderson was out solo for quite a while, and towards the end of the race Lynden Blackley, Thomas Rebesco and eventual winner, Pat Ruggles all bridged across. Ruggles made it to the other three with 2 laps to go, and after a half lap breather, set about preparing for the sprint. ‘I came around second wheel, but Lynden got a bit loose on the last corner and I just managed to get past him at the line.’

In C-Grade, Anthony Gercovich took a very strong and controlled sprint win from Phil Tehan and Shawn Smith, and in D-Grade, Brunswick rider Henry Rawling took the win from Oscar Moore and Bert Henkel. E-Grade saw the Brunswick domination continue with Angus Vander taking the win from Tim Rawling and James Mountain.

A: 1st Miles DaCosta (FCC), 2nd Nick Squillari (GCC), 3rd John Linke (MCL), 4th Travis Small (FCC), 5th Chris Munro (FCC).
B: 1st Pat Ruggles (Bruns), 2nd Lynden Blackley (MCL), 3rd Thomas Rebesco (FCC), 4th Chris Anderson (SKCC), 5th Matt Johnson (FCC).
C: 1st Anthony Gercovich (FCC), 2nd Phil Tehan (FCC), 3rd Shawn Smith (FCC), 4th Ian Duffin (FCC).
D: 1st Henry Rawling (Bwk), 2nd Oskar Moore (Bwk), 3rd Bert Henkel (3RL), 4th Henry Dietze (Bwk).
E: 1st Angus Vander (Bwk), 2nd Tim Rawling (Bwk), 3rd James Mountain (Bwk), 4th Jen Erickson (3RL).

R2 VU Race Report

Round 2 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s 2016/7 Criterium season was held out at the Victoria University track out at Hoppers Crossing, with Thursday night’s racing being held in windy and cool conditions. In the A-Grade race, some serious watt bombs were dropped by Watt-Bomb racing, with 25 year old Brunswick resident Nick Leonard taking a hotly contested bunch sprint. ‘My two WattBomb team mates were in an early break with two other guys, and I had to bridge across to them because they were going hard and the gap was getting bigger and bigger. Once I got to them, the field started to break apart, and for the sprint I came around last wheel, went around the outside, got some air on the bumps and managed to get away with the win!’ Leonard finished just ahead of St Kilda rider Matt Muscat in second and Callum Brown a very strong third.

In B-Grade, Geelong rider Josh Grieve blew the bunch away with an incredible solo breakaway; the 17 year old Bacchus Marsh talent showing a clean pair of heels after being in an earlier breakaway that the bunch bought back. ‘The first break I went with had 2 other guys in it; we lost one guy and the two of us got pulled back to the bunch, and as soon as we were caught I went again and I never got caught again. It was pretty hard out there on my own; I was keeping an eye on my wattage to make sure I wouldn’t blow up. I rode within myself and kept pushing at 90%.’ The 17 year old rising star finished well clear of the bunch, with Vito Depetro taking the bunch sprint and second from Vlad Djuric in third.

C-Grade’s race came down to a bunch sprint, with Footscray rider Michael Hazeldine taking the sprint from Mark Koutsogiannis and Damien Gait, and in D-Grade, Preston rider Matthew Atherton took the sprint from veterans Tommy Gray and Ray Moriaty.

A: 1st: Nicholas Leonard (Murwillumbah), 2nd: Matt Muscat (St Kilda), 3rd: Callum Brown (Footscray), 4th: Travis Small (Footscray)
B: 1st: Joshua Grieve (Geelong), 2nd: Vito Depetro (Footscray), 3rd: Vladimir Djuric (Footscray), 4th: Michael Dam (Footscray)
C: 1st: Michael Hazeldine (Footscray), 2nd: Mark Koutsogiannis (Footscray), 3rd: Damien Gait (Southern Masters), 4th: Donovan, Lahner (3RL)
D:1st: Matthew Atherton (Preston), 2nd: Tommy Gray (Footscray), 3rd: Ray Moriarty (Footscray), 4th: Darren Camilleri (3RL)

Footscray Cycling Club and Bikebug.com Midlands Tour 2016

The infamous course of the Australian Automotive Research Centre was home to this year’s Bikebug.com Midlands Tour once again. Hidden in the magnificent bush setting, just 20 minutes from Anglesea, this closed circuit is a must-do-race on the Singapore Airlines Victorian Road Series.

The slick organisation of host club, Footscray, combined with the tough, but fair circuit makes it a highlight on the racing calendar. Of course, this race also doubles as a memorial for the late Tas Johnson an Australian Olympic team representative and local legend of the sport.

The day of racing is broken into morning and afternoon sessions:

  • Morning: Women A, B and C; Masters B and C; and Men’s C
  • Afternoon: Men’s A and B; and Masters A

Mother Nature was kind all day, with light winds in the morning and only a brief dark cloud threatening. While the wind was fresh in the morning, the racing was hot. Gaps and smaller bunches formed across most categories once they entered the larger of two laps. The larger laps feature a quick decent, steady climb and small dirt section – each of those key elements ensures a select field or individual remains in the closing stages of each race.

The Women’s A race made exciting viewing when a group of four gapped the field with roughly 10km remaining. What appeared as a well-worked unit dedicated to distancing themselves from the field, turned towards the expected cat-and-mouse game in the closing moments. Oceania Road Race Champion Shannon Malseed proved too strong for her break compatriots of Grace Brown (second), Justine Barrow (third) and Margeaux Thompson (fourth).

Of particular note for Footscray CC readers, Callum Brown continues his impressive rise through the ranks after winning Mens C. Congratulations to Callum and David Newett on his second in Masters C.

Some questions were to be answered in the afternoon session, including: could the Pat’s Veg team win three in a row in Men’s A? Did Tom Leaper have the form to grab back-to-back victories in Masters A? And would there be emerging characters in Men’s B we could label as ‘ones to watch’?

Brendon Scott answered the final question with a hugely impressive second place in Men’s B. Riding solo for nearly 1.5 hours during the 2.45 racing, the effort left some of the finishing straight mimicking the words of Doctor Emmett Brown in Back to the Future: ‘Great Scott!’

The winner in Men’s B was former ice skater Lionel Mawditt. His win was almost the opposite to the gold winning performance of Olympic legend Steven Bradbury. His fate was determined by timing, racing experience and pure fitness saw Lionel bridge the gap from the chasing group to Scott. He then took off from a tiring Scoot to claim the win.

In Masters A, the Kosdown team broke from the bunch earlier than expected giving Tom Leaper the back-to-back victory. It wasn’t without a solid effort from Podiatrist and time-trial specialist, Nick Squillarli. Squillarli clearly wanting to upset the Kosdown party, but it wasn’t to be. If anything, he upset the Podiatry world by wearing thongs to accept his third place winnings behind Andrew Gray and Leaper.

In Men’s A it was the young man with the best name in cycling, Cyrus Monk, attacking early to set the scene for Pat’s Veg. Immediately after witnessing Monk’s repeated attacks, internet speeds slowed on the main straight as every spectator jumped on the Pat’s Veg website to order some fine cured vegetables. Obviously Matthew Ross and Drew Morey ate a full jar of Pat’s Beetroot Kraut before racing as they crossed the line 1-2. Monk finishing off the podium with a strong display – just one week before Melbourne-Warrnambool.

Women’s A

Shannon Malseed (Holden)

Grace Brown (Bikebug.com)

Justine Barrow (Think Different Cycling)

Women’s B

Ally Rose Ogden (Hawthorn)

Hannah Macdougall (Pirates)

Jordyn Hassett (Hawthorn)

Women’s C

Erin Mitchell (Blackburn)

Saffron Button (Blackburn)

Anne Hocking (Port Fairy)

Masters A

Tom Leaper (Kosdown)

Andrew Gray (Kosdown)

Nick Squillari (Geelong)

Masters B

Richard Barker (Hawthorn)

Simon Whitford (Wellington)

John Clarkson (Southern Masters)

Masters C

Gary Haas (Southern Masters)

David Newett (Footscray)

Daniel Hulbert (Portland)

Men’s A

Mat Ross (Pat’s Veg)

Drew Morey (Pat’s Veg)

Cyrus Monk (Pat’s Veg)

Men’s B

Lionel Mawditt (CCCC)

Brendon Scott (Hamilton)

William Geor (Ballarat)

Men’s C

Callum Brown (Footscray)

Connor Rate (CCCC)

Joshua Cannon (Ballarat)

2016-2017 Criterium Season

It’s official, the FCC are kicking off the 2016-2017 Critierium Season on the 23rd of October, we’re putting on a super crit season with a total of 40 races!

Highlight races include;

  • the season opener Max Campbell Memorial (VU 23-Oct-2016)
  • FCC Legends Race (Drake Blvd 4-Dec-2016)
  • Christmas Race (Drake Blvd 18-Dec-2016)
  • Ever popular BikeBug.com Summer Series (Drake Blvd 29-Jan-2016 to 19-Feb-2017)
  • FCC Criterium Club Championships (VU 5-Mar-2017)
  • 3 Elimination races (Drake Blvd, 26-Mar-17 to 9-Apr-17)
  • 57th Bob Robson Memorial (Williamstown 25-Apr-17) 

We’ve taken a lot of feedback from members and have made some changes. The VU weekday crits have moved from Wednesday nights to Thursday nights and will start 15 minutes later, hopefully giving riders a bit more opportunity to get there from work. Also keeping things simple we’ll no longer be racing Saturday’s and all our weekend races will be on Sunday mornings.

With the amount of racing we’re now doing at Drake Blvd, like last season we expect all FCC members to do 1 marshal duty, use the red roster nomination button on the right. The VU races are for First Aid only, if you have valid First Aid training please feel free to nominate at the VU or Drake.

View the full Fixture here 

and don’t forget to check out our Criterium FAQ






FCC Jack Allan and Jack Kirkham Memorial 2016 Road Championships

Light rain and a moderate North-Westerly greeted riders in Balliang for the Footscray Cycling Club’s 2016 Road Championships, the coveted Jack Allan and Jack Kirkham Memorial, and with Hawthorn unable to make it four-in-a-row in the footy world, we were all wondering if the indefatigable Dominik Dudkiewicz could wear the Red #1 for the fourth year running. As it turned out, the 32 year old Melton resident took his fourth straight Memorial Sash in A-Grade in rather unconventional manner. Firstly, the bunch were clearly in the mood for a rumble as Jason Costin and Travis Small both threw in early attacks, and on the second lap, Miles DaCosta and Dudkiewicz put the bunch in the gutter in an effort to break the bunch up, dropping a few but not creating the carnage they hoped for as the wind was simply not nasty enough. Dudkiewicz then toughened up the race a little more, causing a split that saw himself, Shane Ward and DaCosta in a 3-man break that stuck for a while but still saw a sizeable bunch heading for the finish line. Chris Munro tried his luck about 1 km from the line, attacking the bunch and dashing for the line, but with 200 to go he was swallowed up by the lead-out train that saw Dudkiewicz not break away but rather leave it to a bunch sprint, with Dudkiewicz taking the sprint clear of Ward and DaCosta.

In B-Grade, the field may have been small but everyone there bought their best game to the table, with attacks from the very start making the racing challenging. Going from full-blast attack to coffee-run slow shenanigans, the bunch headed out for the climb over Granite, where eventual winner, Daniel Welch, flew up the steep ascent like he had two electric motors, but the bunch didn’t panic and set about the chase. ‘This is the first time I have raced with a target on my back; I’ve always been an unknown, and having gone over Granite Road so well last week, I attacked and didn’t think I would get caught before the turn; but it did all come back together, which is testament to the quality of the B-Grade riders. I was pretty tired on the way back over Granite and I was surprised to see how much I had broken the bunch up and that only Michael Dam and Hamish Munro were with me. We built trust on the way back to Balliang and worked hard, and just before the last corner I decided to go and I managed to get away from them and hold my lead.’ Welch finished about a minute up on Dam, who was a minute up on the bunch sprint for third, which was taken out by David Procak. 30 year old market researcher Welch was honoured to be the B-Grade champ. ‘I only came out from England 18 months ago, and the Club and my social riding group have been such a great way of making some great mates.’

In C-Grade, 60 year old Werribee resident David Lane capped off a great month with a very tight win over Ross Liley in an action-packed race. Lane punctured just before the race was set to start, and managed to get a new tube in but ominously couldn’t find the offending piece of debris. ‘A puncture before the start – oh no. I knew something must be in the tyre but I could not find it. I then got a puncture at 8k as feared, but the guys waited while I swapped wheels for which I am thankful (that says a lot about our club). The first lap was pretty calm but the 2nd time out I upped the tempo over Staughton Vale to shake things up. On the way back I upped it more, to the point where I split the bunch so only Phil, Ross and myself were left at the front of the race. Phil then started his mini attacks to break our legs and Ross left me to chase – a worry knowing Ross always out-sprinted me in the Tour, but I knew he was a bit flat after a big ride yesterday. No one wanted to lead out going to the line and I knew they had both out-sprinted me from behind in the Tour. It was a real cat and mouse affair – very slow. Phil launched fairly late and I thought he may have the legs, but I went over him and crossed the line without Ross jumping me.’ I am ecstatic – I never really thought I would ever be C-Grade road champ.’

D-Grade’s race was a sparse affair, with Michael Scragg taking the win over veteran Tom Moloney and Steve Biggs.

A: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Shane Ward, 3rd Miles DaCosta.

B: 1st Daniel Welch, 2nd Michael Dam, 3rd David Procak.

C: 1st David Lane, 2nd Ross Liley, 3rd Phil Tehan.

D: 1st Michael Scragg, 2nd Tom Moloney, 3rd Steven Biggs.