FCC Christmas Criteriums

FCC Christmas Criteriums this Sunday at Drake Blvd. Open to members of all clubs, online entries via EntryBoss https://entryboss.cc/races/319

We’re also taking entries/regos at the newly opened Da Moose Cafe! Grab your number and a coffee. It’s perfectly situated on the last corner, with outdoor seating that is ideal for family’s and spectators.

For all racers, please still use the toilets that we have provided at the back of Noordenne Constructions.

R15 – Max Campbell Memorial – Race Report and Results

Sunday morning’s round of racing saw the Footscray Cycling Club head out to Drake Boulevard in Altona to contest the Max Campbell Memorial Criteriums; Max being a well-credentialed track and road racer and a passionate supporter of the FCC for his entire life.

In A Grade, 33 year old Club Champ Dominik Dudkiewicz had an early hit out with Matt Robinson that the breakout riders wanted to make stick. ‘When we got away we had 3 or 4 hard, hard laps to make the chasers lose heart; we didn’t expect to get caught but we did; the bunch were really committed. Morgan Smith counter-attacked immediately and was out there solo for quite a while, with 5 or 6 of us chasing really hard, averaging over 45 kph for a long time. We got within range with only a few minutes to go so Matt and I bridged across, and when we caught Morgan we went past and got into a rhythm; then Morgan got back to us which was pretty impressive. It was even more impressive when he went with half a lap to go; I was on his wheel around the last corner and managed to take the sprint down the finishing straight. Amazing day, amazing race, fantastic quality fields in every grade. Max would be pleased to see the Club he cared so much about going so well.’ Dudkiewicz took the sprint from Morgan Smith and Matthew Robertson.
In B-Grade, 32 year old Ballarat-Sebastapol rider Daniel Bucknall was simply too strong for the bunch, breaking away from the main peloton early in the race and amazingly staying away from a large field who were very committed to the chase. ‘I took off when there was a bit of a lull, and I snuck away and managed to make it stick. At the 45-minute mark I saw a bunch catching me, so I thought I was in trouble, but it turned out to be A-Grade. Bucknall is predominantly a mountain biker, and is now dabbling in track and road racing and on his way to A-Grade. Back in the pack, Josh Grieve took the bunch sprint and second, Hamish Munro took third and Hans Birk took fourth and as the first FCC rider also snapped up the trophy.
In C-Grade, 14 year old Brunswick CC Junior Oskar Moore instigated a strong breakaway that built up quite a lead over the ensuing laps. ‘It was a tough race today. I knew my attack would have to be fast to stay away. After a few laps off the front, the bunch nearly caught us, but we managed to burn them off.’ The break was even more enjoyable for the talented junior given the fact that his father Craig was in the same break! The 5 breakaway artists swapped turns and kept clear of the chasing bunch, lining up for the sprint, which Moore Jr. took narrowly from John Mogavero who took the trophy as the first FCC rider, and Cory Basaraba in third. Moore Jr. started racing in 2014 for Brunswick, and has been bitten by the racing bug ever since. ‘My dad got me into it. I love the atmosphere at all the races. It’s without doubt what keeps me at it. I enjoy riding on the road more than the track and my goal for this season is to make the Under 17 Victorian State Road Team.’

D Grade saw Paul Beasley chuffed to take his first win in quite some time, taking the trophy in a sprint from Robert Nichols and David Diviny.
A: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz, 2nd Morgan Smith, 3rd Matthew Robertson, 4th Travis Small, 5th Mat Elkan.
B: 1st Daniel Bucknall, 2nd Josh Grieve, 3rd Hamish Munro, 4th Hans Birk*, 5th Glen Grbesa.
C: 1st Oskar Moore, 2nd John Mogavero*, 3rd Cory Basaraba, 4th Craig Moore, 5th Alastair Delooze.
D: 1st Paul Beasley, 2nd Robert Nichols, 3rd David Diviny, 4th Brett Bolam, 5th Ray Moriaty.

R13 – FCC Legends – Race Report and Results

Footscray Cycling Club – Club Legends Criteriums @ Drake 4/12/16.
Sunny skies, a boisterous Northerly wind and climbing temperatures greeted riders for the Footscray Cycling Club’s Legends Criteriums, held on the fast and furious Drake Boulevard circuit in Altona. The annual event, held in honour of the late Harry Jones and Hugh Cram, as well as the Club’s living legend, Frank Zanatta, is a hotly contested race largely due to the immense respect Club members have for the three Club Legends and the selfless dedication and Aussie volunteering spirit each of these men showed to cycling in general and the Footscray Cycling Club in particular, racking up over 150 years of volunteer service between the three. Just to add some drama to the racing, riders had 2 races to contest in one; a single point was awarded to the first rider to finish each lap; the rider with the most points at the end of the race taking the points race prize, as well as the coveted Memorial sash for the overall winner.
A-Grade’s race was dominated by incessant breakaways, which broke the bunch up through attrition, but still ended in Club Criterium and Road Champion Dominik Dudkiewicz taking both the Points Race and the Criterium wins. But it wasn’t easy, and Dudkiewicz knew he had a real challenge on his plate. ‘At the start of the race Nick Leonard went off the front and picked up four points, and then I went past him and picked up the next three, and then the pair of us got away for about 20 minutes and picked up some points each. Then we got caught, went back to the bunch and then went again, this time with Nick, Mathias Kiernan and Daniel Hopper at one point and then Chris Munro; during that whole time Mathias was going for the point sprints and I really didn’t know who had the most points, so I really started going for all the points I could and in the end it was a narrow points win. The break foxed around at the end, and the last lap was a slow roll until I led around the last couple of corners.’ Dudkiewicz ended up taking the win by two bike lengths from Leonard and Munro. ‘You don’t often get the pleasure of winning a Memorial in the presence of one of the living legends in Frankie Zanatta so it was a real pleasure.’
B-Grade’s race was dominated by a masterful one-man breakaway from lap 5, with Joe Bury showing immense strength by building a huge lead over the course of the race, absolutely crushing the point score race and taking a huge win, only to be denied the race win by a small margin by Sunbury resident and Gym Instructor Daniel Standen, who took a risk at the end to bridge to the leader. ‘This was a very unusual race, on and off, people not wanting to do a turn, lots of argy-bargy. I was watching Joe Bury who was very impressive; he went away after a few laps and stayed away till the last lap, and at one point he was 50 seconds clear of us. He did the whole race on his own. At the end Michael Dam rode off the front with me and we bridged across to Joe and then the three of us rolled turns and I was just lucky to get the sprint from Joe.’ Standen took the win by a narrow margin from Bury, with Michael Dam in third place.
In C-Grade, veteran FCC racer and ex-europro Bob Shannon rode a measured, strategic race to take the sprint win. ‘It was a high, consistent speed for our race, and the sprints were pretty hotly contested, but in doing that it made it impossible for a break to form, and riders were pretty spent at the end of each sprint, so I figured it was going to be a bunch sprint, so I waited for the sprint at the end and ignored the points race.’ Shannon took the win from Aaron Peterson and Daniel Atkins, and was rapt to win the Legends race given the immense respect he holds for the Club Legends. And in the ride of the day, Phil Tehan just let the early points go to the young guns, waiting until the bunch were spent and then cleaning up many of the points sprints for the second half of the race, leading to his surprise points win. ‘Not bad for a non-sprinter!’
In D-Grade, big Doug Page just powered along for the first half of the race taking point after point in the point score, securing his win in the points race, and towards the latter half of the race it was veteran time trial expert Tommy Gray who took the race with anther solo break that the bunch simply could not reel in; the septuagenarian taking the win well clear of James Stuart who took the bunch sprint from Tom Moloney.
A: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Nick Leonard, 3rd Chris Munro, 4th Mathias Kiernan, 5th Andrew Bonello.
B: 1st Daniel Standen, 2nd Joe Bury, 3rd Michael Dam, 4th Darren Payne, 5th Timm Weitzel.
C: 1st Bob Shannon, 2nd Aaron Peterson, 3rd Daniel Atkins, 4th David Lane, 5th Anthony Gercovich.
D: 1st Tom Gray, 2nd James Stuart, 3rd Tom Moloney, 4th Eddie O’Farrell, 5th Ray Moriaty.
Points Score Winners: A: Dom Dudkiewicz, B: Joe Bury, C: Phil Tehan, D: Doug Page.

2016 Ford Tour Of Samoa

The 2016 Ford Tour of Samoa (TOS) is a week-long cycling event held on the Pacific Islands of Samoa.

The event is organised by Samoa International Events (http://www.samoaevents.com/tour-of-samoa.html) and is run by Samoan local, Seti Afoa.

Samoa International Events run a range of Cycling, Run, Swim and Triathlon events across NZ and the Pacific.

The TOS is now in its third year. Participation numbers have increased quickly since its genesis in 2014, when 2 Samoan locals and 2 New Zealanders took to the roads to test the viability of the concept. It was proved and in 2015, 11 riders contested the new event. In 2016, 22 men and women lined up to ride the tour.

Samoa sits in the middle of the Pacific and is approximately 5 hours flying time from Australia. It is served with direct flights by Virgin Australia.

Samoa’s climate is tropical, daytime temps are in the 30’s with high humidity. The TOS stages are completed in the morning to avoid the worst heat of the day.

The TOS covers approximately 400 km with 1.5 days of timed riding on the smaller more populated Island of Upolu and 3.5 days on the larger but less populated Island of Savai’i.

I was introduced to the event by a NZ friend in 2015. Following a brief discussion with my Samoan born wife Ailao, we were booked and planning.

The TOS offers a package of accommodation including resorts and beach Fales. All options are excellent. Riders pre pay, arrange to get themselves and their bikes to Samoa, are met by Seti at the Airport and away they go.

Road quality in Samoa is variable. Many pot holes and course chip across Upolo make going tough. Better conditions are found in Savai’i which has the best roads of the tour. Drivers are courteous, cars travel slowly and road users are becoming more used to seeing cyclists. Five years ago, there were basically no bikes on the roads in Samoa. Wildlife requires riders to be on their guard as do some local cultural idiosyncrasies.

The TOS attracts riders of all ages and abilities and as the numbers have increased there is a definite split across the levels of competency but that ultimately does not distract from the comradery of the event.

I am 50 years old, married with 4 adult children. My work sees me living half my life in Melbourne and half my life in Sydney. I am a member of the Footscray Cycling Club, a famous and proud Melbourne West Suburbs club who run a tough winter road race program and a fast competitive summer criterion program. When in Sydney I race with Waratah Masters and Manly Warringah Clubs. I am a reasonable B grade racer who every now and then jags a rare placing.

Placing 4th in the 2015 TOS, I was pragmatic about my possible result in 2016 with the men’s TOS dominated by Christian Wengler of NZ in 2015 and returning to defend his title 2016. The 2016 TOS looked done and dusted, with Christian commanding a significant lead. Christian is a quality rider and was choosing to put time easily into everyone where and when he wanted. Christian unfortunately crashed out on day 3. With Christian out, the race for 2nd then became the race for 1st.


The race proved ultimately very close with some good riders who but for some bad mechanical luck could have gone on to contest. For me it was a case of protecting my lead and I was able with the help of mates in the bunch to hang on to win the 2016 TOS title.

Training for the TOS needs to be serious. The course is hilly with elevations to approx. 500 meters, some short 12 – 14 % grades, 100 + km stages with intense heat and humidity.

My training program started in earnest 2 months out building to a 400 km week, 3 weeks out and a taper week 1 week out. Whilst in Melbourne, training consisted of Kinglake loops, fast Beach Road runs and Footscray Club races. When in Sydney I trained in and around Ku-ring-gai with plenty of hill repeats and raced with Waratah Masters weekends. I also did a 160 lap track session on Wednesday nights at Dunc Gray with Bankstown Sports Cycling Club. This track training made all the difference to my riding this year. I noticed I was able to hold high cadence for extended periods and quite literally watched my competitors melt away in the Samoa heat whilst I was able to keep spinning.

Nutrition is very important due to the volume of fluid lost each stage. With the help of my daughter Sanonu, a recent Science graduate in Nutrition we nailed it. Good ride drinking/feeding, post ride protein, salts and electrolyte was essential. Breakfast posed a challenge so consideration to your own morning feed support is important. We also all consumed plenty of nature’s own perfect post-race supplements, green drinking coconuts.

Being a gun shy of baggage handlers, I left my Colnago C59 at home and chose to take my training bike an entry level Colnago ACR specked with Ultegra 10 speed running gear, 28/11T rear and 39/53T front, C50 Dura Ace wheelset, 25mm tyres and alloy seat post and bars. This set up was rock solid. Others brought bikes of higher and lower spec and with the help of our TOS mechanic, problems were limited.

Punctures were over represented at this year’s TOS. Conti 4000’s didn’t handle the heat/roads well and this year was quite wet and chip cuts were a real problem. Last year I used Conti Race and whilst a lower spec tyre I think the compound ultimately handled the sharps and heat better.

I bought new La Passione summer kit for the tour, two sets and this was comfortable all the time in the heat. I wear a Giro Air Attack helmet. Airflow is not an issue and it is so hot anyway you don’t really notice. Shimano RP9 shoes were flawless with Sako7socks and Northwave long cuff mitts completed the kit.

I cannot recommend this event highly enough for anyone looking for something a little different. The organisation is excellent, the riding and competition as tough as you want it to be and the country and people breathtakingly beautiful.

It is truly a privilege to have been able to ride across such a stunning country.


Photo credit: http://www.scottiet.com/sports.html

Race 4 – VU – Race Report and Results

LEONARD, NICHOLAS (Murwillumbah Cycle Club)
SMALL, TRAVIS (Footscray Cycling Club)
CLARK, Iain (Brunswick Cycling Club)
KENNY, PAUL (Footscray Cycling Club)

WEITZEL, TIMM (Footscray Cycling Club)
MARINO, Antonio (Footscray Cycling Club)
DEPETRO, VITO (Footscray Cycling Club)
MAZZARELLA, PETER (Brunswick Cycling Club)

SMITH, SHAWN (Footscray Cycling Club)
DUFFIN, IAN (Footscray Cycling Club)
TEHAN, PHILLIP (Footscray Cycling Club)
KOUTSOGIANNIS, MARK (Footscray Cycling Club)

DIXON, Jay (Coburg Cycling Club)
STUART, JAMES (Footscray Cycling Club)
DAM, SARAH (St Kilda Cycling Club)
CRAM, BARRY (Footscray Cycling Club)

and Michael Dam’s lightning report in lieu of my absence…
Conditions were perfect, low winds and warm brilliant night.
D grade bunch stayed largely together, bunch sprint.
C grade saw Seb go on an early break to be brought back. Shawn Smith went solo for a while after that and got brought back only to go again and take the win from a chasing bunch.
B Grade I (Michael ‘Mullet’ Dam ) went from the start, Vito and Mark Spiteri got across with the rest of the bunch. I went again and this time stayed out there for much longer, with Dave Walker making it across as well. I blew up and we got brought back. Timm Weitzel and Antonio Marino put in an attack after that which stuck to the finish, with Vito trying to bridge across, surviving for 3rd just ahead of a chasing bunch.
A grade. it looked like Nick Leonard and Travis got away from the rest of them.

Race 3 – VU – Race Report

Round 3 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s racing saw riders contest criteriums again at the Vic Uni track in Hoppers Crossing; the day’s racing being shaped by a hot and boisterous Northerly wind. In A-Grade, an early breakaway broke the peloton up into three separate groups, with Miles DaCosta initiating the winning break. ‘Pretty much from the start we were rolling hard turns and putting it into the gutter, and with the strong wind that was blowing I got clear; Nick Squillari and Travis Small bridged to me and we pulled turns for a while. Trav dropped back to the bunch and then it was Nick and I just rolling turns to the end. When we got to the end Nick gifted me the win, he was happy with 2nd and left it to me.’

B-Grade’s race was dominated by a one man break that three other riders managed to bridge across to one by one; St Kilda’s Chris Anderson was out solo for quite a while, and towards the end of the race Lynden Blackley, Thomas Rebesco and eventual winner, Pat Ruggles all bridged across. Ruggles made it to the other three with 2 laps to go, and after a half lap breather, set about preparing for the sprint. ‘I came around second wheel, but Lynden got a bit loose on the last corner and I just managed to get past him at the line.’

In C-Grade, Anthony Gercovich took a very strong and controlled sprint win from Phil Tehan and Shawn Smith, and in D-Grade, Brunswick rider Henry Rawling took the win from Oscar Moore and Bert Henkel. E-Grade saw the Brunswick domination continue with Angus Vander taking the win from Tim Rawling and James Mountain.

A: 1st Miles DaCosta (FCC), 2nd Nick Squillari (GCC), 3rd John Linke (MCL), 4th Travis Small (FCC), 5th Chris Munro (FCC).
B: 1st Pat Ruggles (Bruns), 2nd Lynden Blackley (MCL), 3rd Thomas Rebesco (FCC), 4th Chris Anderson (SKCC), 5th Matt Johnson (FCC).
C: 1st Anthony Gercovich (FCC), 2nd Phil Tehan (FCC), 3rd Shawn Smith (FCC), 4th Ian Duffin (FCC).
D: 1st Henry Rawling (Bwk), 2nd Oskar Moore (Bwk), 3rd Bert Henkel (3RL), 4th Henry Dietze (Bwk).
E: 1st Angus Vander (Bwk), 2nd Tim Rawling (Bwk), 3rd James Mountain (Bwk), 4th Jen Erickson (3RL).

R2 VU Race Report

Round 2 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s 2016/7 Criterium season was held out at the Victoria University track out at Hoppers Crossing, with Thursday night’s racing being held in windy and cool conditions. In the A-Grade race, some serious watt bombs were dropped by Watt-Bomb racing, with 25 year old Brunswick resident Nick Leonard taking a hotly contested bunch sprint. ‘My two WattBomb team mates were in an early break with two other guys, and I had to bridge across to them because they were going hard and the gap was getting bigger and bigger. Once I got to them, the field started to break apart, and for the sprint I came around last wheel, went around the outside, got some air on the bumps and managed to get away with the win!’ Leonard finished just ahead of St Kilda rider Matt Muscat in second and Callum Brown a very strong third.

In B-Grade, Geelong rider Josh Grieve blew the bunch away with an incredible solo breakaway; the 17 year old Bacchus Marsh talent showing a clean pair of heels after being in an earlier breakaway that the bunch bought back. ‘The first break I went with had 2 other guys in it; we lost one guy and the two of us got pulled back to the bunch, and as soon as we were caught I went again and I never got caught again. It was pretty hard out there on my own; I was keeping an eye on my wattage to make sure I wouldn’t blow up. I rode within myself and kept pushing at 90%.’ The 17 year old rising star finished well clear of the bunch, with Vito Depetro taking the bunch sprint and second from Vlad Djuric in third.

C-Grade’s race came down to a bunch sprint, with Footscray rider Michael Hazeldine taking the sprint from Mark Koutsogiannis and Damien Gait, and in D-Grade, Preston rider Matthew Atherton took the sprint from veterans Tommy Gray and Ray Moriaty.

A: 1st: Nicholas Leonard (Murwillumbah), 2nd: Matt Muscat (St Kilda), 3rd: Callum Brown (Footscray), 4th: Travis Small (Footscray)
B: 1st: Joshua Grieve (Geelong), 2nd: Vito Depetro (Footscray), 3rd: Vladimir Djuric (Footscray), 4th: Michael Dam (Footscray)
C: 1st: Michael Hazeldine (Footscray), 2nd: Mark Koutsogiannis (Footscray), 3rd: Damien Gait (Southern Masters), 4th: Donovan, Lahner (3RL)
D:1st: Matthew Atherton (Preston), 2nd: Tommy Gray (Footscray), 3rd: Ray Moriarty (Footscray), 4th: Darren Camilleri (3RL)

Hell of the West

Hell of the West is next weekend. The Northern Combine have kindly offered all FCC members, volunteer status (make sure you tick volunteer status box on entry). This means you get priority entry until 9:00pm Monday 1st of August and a cheaper entry fee. This is an extremely popular race so please take advantage of the priority entry so you don’t miss out.

Enter via EntryBoss. https://entryboss.cc/races/153

Bicycle Buyer Winter Classic 2016

presented by Footscray Cycling Club and BicycleBuyer.com.au

Sunday 31th July, 2016

Entries will close at midnight on Thursday July 28th


Rider Limit: 100, enter now to avoid disappointment.

Race Format: Handicap.

Prizes for: 1st Overall and minor placings; Fastest Time – Female; Fastest Time – Male.

Entries: Early bird entries for FCC Members and Northern Combine Volunteers until Sunday July 17th, open to all riders after this date until midnight on Thursday July 28th.

Enter via entry boss – https://entryboss.cc/races/133

Registrations: Little River Reserve from 8:30 AM.

Start list: provisional


Start Time / Location: Racing starts at 9:30AM from the corner of Malcolm and Edgars Road in Little River, don’t miss your start.

Presentations: Little River Reserve club rooms. There will be Pizza for all racers, volunteers and spectators. Drinks will be available for purchase at the club rooms.

Race Light Policy: Racing is on open roads, red rear race light policy will be enforced.

Volunteer and Marshal Duties: FCC members if you have entered the race and have not nominated or performed 2 road duties this season you will not be permitted to start, no exceptions.  

Course Map: Little River (Kirksbridge Road)

Course Details: Distance 80KM, elevation gain 250M.

Toilets: Available at the Little River Reserve club rooms, please refrain from using the side of the road.

More Info: fcc@footscraycc.com.au