Bob Robson Memorial ANZAC Criterium

The 56th Bob Robson Memorial Anzac Day Criteriums were held around Williamstown High School on a day that saw Club Champion Dominik Dudkiewicz finally throw the Anzac monkey off his back; the 32 year old Melton resident finally winning one of the few races in the FCC line-up that had previously eluded him. When asked how he felt about finally getting the monkey off his back, Dudkiewicz was elated. ‘I have tried to win this race on 4 previous occasions, and usually in form, but it never seemed to go my way, so it is good to add this win to my list.’ Dudkiewicz tried several times to get a break going, but found the circuit and the determination of the other competitors thwarted his efforts. ‘I really didn’t want to leave this race to the sprint, even though I rate myself a good chance in a sprint, because things can get a little hectic in the last few corners, so I did want to get away. Even though I tried to break the elastic, I just couldn’t get a break going. It’s the nature of the course; short straights and reasonably hard turns mean it’s hard to get away.’ Eventually Dudkiewicz did get away, as a solo break, and built himself quite a decent lead. With 3 to go, he knew the race was his for the taking. ‘I knew I had a good lead, but just put the hammer down to make sure that there were no surprises. I turned into the main straight and didn’t even look over my shoulder, I knew I had done enough.’ Dudkiewicz crossed the line to take the win from a hard charging Jason Costin and Miles DaCosta in second and third respectively.

22 year old Werribee resident Callum Brown not only won the B-Grade Race, but managed to hold on to the A-Grade boys and cross the line with their bunch. ‘My plan was to stay with the A-Graders for as long as possible, and it turned out I stayed with them all the way. There was no point in me trying attacking off the front or anything, just stay near the front and keep a good position. I was in a bit of a bad position for the sprint, so I had to work my way forward in the wind.’ Brown crossed ahead of second placed Josh Ryan, who along with third placed Glen Wright, were the only riders from B who managed to survive all the way through to the end.

In the C-Grade support race, it was 34 year old Point Cook lad Alex Vichidvongsa who took a well-deserved win after initiating a solo break that eventually became a two man break, as Alan Palser had powered off the front of the bunch to join a tiring Vichidvongsa. ‘I saw there was a little pressure being applied at the front of the bunch and I just kept the pace up, looked around and saw a gap. I was out there alone for quite a few laps, and I heard something behind me and it was Alan and we looked at each I got to him and then went past him, other and said “Let’s do it” and we made a pretty good team. I doubt I would have lasted out there without him.’ The pair powered to a big lead, haing a ¾ lap lead by the end. ‘There was a bit of cat and mouse once we got to the end; Alan was trying to push me to the limit by putting in out of the saddle efforts, and I seemed to be able to handle it, so I stayed put. By the last corner he had put a few lengths into me, but fortunately I was in the right gear to accelerate and timed the sprint well. It is an honour to race on Anzac Day and a privilege to win.’ Vichidvongsa took the close sprint from Palser in second, with Andrew Rossiter taking third and the bunch sprint.

Main Race: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz @54:28, 2nd Jason Costin, 3rd Miles DaCosta, 4th Adam Trewin, 5th Gerard Zammit, 6th Paul Anders.
Support Race (B): 1st Callum Brown @ 54:34, 2nd Josh Ryan, 3rd Glen Wright.
(C): 1st Alex Vichidvongsa 2nd Alan Palser, 3rd Andrew Rossiter, 4th Cam Atchinson.

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