Hugh Cram Memorial

Bunches for tomorrow


The Hugh Cram Memorial is on this Sunday 3rd of June. We’ll be racing on the Flinders Ave course with presentations to be held at the Little River Reserve Club rooms after racing. All FCC handicaps are now online entries only, we will no longer be taking entries on the day. Entries will close on the Thursday 31st of May at 8PM.

Enter via this link. Any issues with entries, contact us at

First round of the North-Western Handicap Series.

First round of the North-Western Handicap Series. Hosted by Northern Combine.

Online entries via entryboss. Make sure you enter early. Northern Combine races close earlier than ours. Please provide useful entry comments for the handicappers, no sandbagging.

They are treating all FCC members as volunteers as we all do our volunteering every season. Volunteers get cheaper entry and early-bird entries.

60th Footscray Cycling Club Tour

Results after Stages 1 & 2


FCC 2018 Tour Program is available to download here. (Tour Program) huge thank you to all of the sponsors for making this event possible. C/D grades will be starting at the same time, with combined Sprint and KOM prizes and individual GC prizes.

We’ll be taking late entries, contact us at if you wish to enter. Cost of a late entry is $60.



Entries are now open to the 60th Footscray Cycling Club Tour, held on the 9th and 10th of June 2018. 3 Stages over 2 days of racing. As always the tour will be full of prizes, made possible by the generous support of all the sponsors. Prizes include the King of the Mountains, Sprint King and of course the Overall (GC).

Entries via Entryboss: FCC Tour Entries




Saturday 9th of June: Stage 1 – Anakie (Staughton Vale Rd)

Distance: 70 KM, Total Elevation gain: 390M



Saturday 9th of June: Stage 2 – Anakie (Granite Road) Hill Top Finish

Distance: 25 KM, Total Elevation gain: 185M



Sunday 10th of June: Stage 3 – Little River (Sandy Creek)

Distance: 85 KM – A and B Grades, 55KM – C and D Grade, Elevation gain: 330M

AGM Report 2018

The Footscray Cycling Club’s AGM was held at the Balliang Hall on Sunday 6 May, and to quote Women’s Officer Karen Lechner, ‘An AGM shouldn’t bring people to tears!’ The Club, established in 1894, chose to make me a Life Member, nominated by my mentor, Life Member Phillip Tehan, and Club Legend (and Melb-Warny Superman) Frank Zanatta. To say I am honoured is an understatement. The Club is massively important to me, which is why I am committed to being its Secretary, and seeing it move from strength to strength. The wonderful challenges this Club has afforded me, both on and off the bike; the friendships, the camaraderie, the purpose. I am, and always will be, loyal to my club, the mighty Footscray Cycling Club. The cherry on top? To play a part in honouring a great servant of the Club, Mark Zanatta, in deservedly becoming only the Club’s 4th ever Legend, was also something wonderful. To see his father, Frankie, present his son with the highest honour the Club can bestow… well there was not a dry eye in the house.
The existing Executive Committee were also largely re-elected for another year; President Miles Dacosta, Vice President Graham Wilson, Treasurer Murray Jenkins, Secretary Mark Micallef and Executive Members (new David Lane –welcome!), Mark Zanatta, Michael Dam, Bernie O’Sullivan, William Hamilton, David Walker, Shane McGuirk, Greg Lane, James Bell, Michael Hazeldine, Karen Lechner, Vito Depetro, and there for his wisdom and rapier-like wit, Frank Zanatta!
In addition to the committee, a number of members carry out vital operational roles for the club, and we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge and thank them. They include: Chief Commissaire (ahem, LEGEND!!) Mark Zanatta (whose car and house are filled to the brim with our stuff, and whose life is dominated by working hard to keep the Club running), Commissaires Stephen Michetti, David Danson, Laurie Norris & Ross Liley (don’t argue with these characters!), Entries/Eventarc Michael Dam (ably assisted by the wonderful Sarah) (What was that Mr Froome, you want to enter D-Grade?), Handicapper Shane McGuirk (Take those bandages off, you’re fooling nobody), Marshalling Roster Vito Depetro (Have I got a deal for YOU!!), Race Permits Jason Southby (Purveyor of the Pandora’s box that is Race Permits). (Just to name a few!)
The Club would like to thank everyone for the enormous contribution they make to the club so that members can enjoy great competitive and social racing all year round. (Phil and his two brooms and 3 wind blowers included!)
Importantly, we have had a significant increase in members this calendar year with many new riders joining the FCC, including a significant number of women. We welcome them and hope they enjoy racing with us. Our crit numbers especially were very healthy!
Financially, the club is in a stronger position in 2018 than it was in 2017, and we are currently working with Wyndham Council to get the FCC a permanent Crit Track and Clubhouse built. And lastly, our wonderful Members, who stand up and dig in, do their duties and help where they can; we are part of a great community of like-minded lunatics who all do their bit and more.
All in all, the Footscray Cycling Club is in great shape and we have a bright future ahead of us!
-Mark Micallef, Secretary.

Hugh Cram Memorial reschedule.

Racers, we have to CANCEL the race on 12 May, as BOTH circuits we have permits for are unusable (One due to road surface, one due to Kirksbridge roadworks, how unlucky is that…) So now the new date for the Cram Memorial will be June 3rd @ Flinders Av.

Thanks for understanding guys. -FCC Executive.




Members are urged to remain and attend the AGM as your vote and input are critical to the operation of the Club. The meeting does not usually run for too long, and we will be voting on 3 positions; President (Nomination: Miles Dacosta), Vice-President (Nomination: Graeme Wilson), Treasurer (Nomination: Murray Jenkins), General Executive Members.

Even though we have incumbents who have nominated to stay on and serve the Club, it certainly does not preclude Members of the Club from nominating for any of the above positions. Please contact Secretary Mark Micallef at

We will hear a brief report on our financial position, the Secretary’s Report, hold the above elections and hear any other business the Club and its Members may want to raise.

The AGM is a formal meeting that is a legal requirement for all clubs, whereas our monthly meetings have as their purpose the running of the Club and its general business.

Mark Micallef, Honorary Secretary.