Bob Robson Memorial ANZAC Criterium

The 56th Bob Robson Memorial Anzac Day Criteriums were held around Williamstown High School on a day that saw Club Champion Dominik Dudkiewicz finally throw the Anzac monkey off his back; the 32 year old Melton resident finally winning one of the few races in the FCC line-up that had previously eluded him. When asked how he felt about finally getting the monkey off his back, Dudkiewicz was elated. ‘I have tried to win this race on 4 previous occasions, and usually in form, but it never seemed to go my way, so it is good to add this win to my list.’ Dudkiewicz tried several times to get a break going, but found the circuit and the determination of the other competitors thwarted his efforts. ‘I really didn’t want to leave this race to the sprint, even though I rate myself a good chance in a sprint, because things can get a little hectic in the last few corners, so I did want to get away. Even though I tried to break the elastic, I just couldn’t get a break going. It’s the nature of the course; short straights and reasonably hard turns mean it’s hard to get away.’ Eventually Dudkiewicz did get away, as a solo break, and built himself quite a decent lead. With 3 to go, he knew the race was his for the taking. ‘I knew I had a good lead, but just put the hammer down to make sure that there were no surprises. I turned into the main straight and didn’t even look over my shoulder, I knew I had done enough.’ Dudkiewicz crossed the line to take the win from a hard charging Jason Costin and Miles DaCosta in second and third respectively.

22 year old Werribee resident Callum Brown not only won the B-Grade Race, but managed to hold on to the A-Grade boys and cross the line with their bunch. ‘My plan was to stay with the A-Graders for as long as possible, and it turned out I stayed with them all the way. There was no point in me trying attacking off the front or anything, just stay near the front and keep a good position. I was in a bit of a bad position for the sprint, so I had to work my way forward in the wind.’ Brown crossed ahead of second placed Josh Ryan, who along with third placed Glen Wright, were the only riders from B who managed to survive all the way through to the end.

In the C-Grade support race, it was 34 year old Point Cook lad Alex Vichidvongsa who took a well-deserved win after initiating a solo break that eventually became a two man break, as Alan Palser had powered off the front of the bunch to join a tiring Vichidvongsa. ‘I saw there was a little pressure being applied at the front of the bunch and I just kept the pace up, looked around and saw a gap. I was out there alone for quite a few laps, and I heard something behind me and it was Alan and we looked at each I got to him and then went past him, other and said “Let’s do it” and we made a pretty good team. I doubt I would have lasted out there without him.’ The pair powered to a big lead, haing a ¾ lap lead by the end. ‘There was a bit of cat and mouse once we got to the end; Alan was trying to push me to the limit by putting in out of the saddle efforts, and I seemed to be able to handle it, so I stayed put. By the last corner he had put a few lengths into me, but fortunately I was in the right gear to accelerate and timed the sprint well. It is an honour to race on Anzac Day and a privilege to win.’ Vichidvongsa took the close sprint from Palser in second, with Andrew Rossiter taking third and the bunch sprint.

Main Race: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz @54:28, 2nd Jason Costin, 3rd Miles DaCosta, 4th Adam Trewin, 5th Gerard Zammit, 6th Paul Anders.
Support Race (B): 1st Callum Brown @ 54:34, 2nd Josh Ryan, 3rd Glen Wright.
(C): 1st Alex Vichidvongsa 2nd Alan Palser, 3rd Andrew Rossiter, 4th Cam Atchinson.

Bob Robson Memorial Update and Program.

The Main Race will now be A and B grades and the support race for C grade (D grade riders please note that there will NOT be a separate D grade race. Therefore, you will be riding the Support race with C grade riders. This is not meant to discourage you from riding. Just be warned as to what to expect).

For all the B graders, note the change in start time. Your race will now start at 2:30PM

An official start list and program can be found here (Bob Robson Memorial Program).

Online entries are closed, but we’ll be taking entries on the day as well so don’t miss out. The weather is looking great and it’s going to be an exciting day of racing out in Williamstown.

Presentations after the racing at 4:00PM (Williamstown RSL). Food is provided and ample space to park your bike. All Riders, volunteers, family and spectators are encouraged to attend.

Footscray Cycling Club O’Brien Memorial Handicap

Footscray Cycling Club O’Brien Memorial Handicap, April 17, 2016.
In perfect autumn conditions, 5 bunches of determined riders set off to hammer out 80 kilometers of racing around the base of the You-Yangs for the Footscray Cycling Club’s O’Brien Memorial Handicap; the handicap format requiring each bunch of riders to co-operate and push themselves to the limit to keep the chasing bunches at bay, with the gun riders of Scratch starting out with a 20 minute deficit to make up over the Limit men. By mid-race, it was clear that there would be a three bunch race to the line, with Limit and 2nd Limit combining effectively to form a super bunch who kept their average speed higher than expected. Behind them, the ‘Middlemen’ rode a typically lonely race; the bunch staying out in solitude for the entire race, swapping hard turns and trying their best to catch the guys up ahead. Behind these two bunches, we had a combined Scratch and 2nd Scratch powering along, trying to make up the deficit and mow down all ahead of them. In the end though, it was the tenacity of the combined Limit / 2nd Limit bunch that held sway, taking the first fourteen places (!) in the race.

Out of the winning bunch, it was 35 year old Footscray resident Timm Weitzel who took the win with a very strong and decisive move with 500 meters to go, doing enough damage to disconnect any riders on his wheel and allowing him to pace himself to the line for the last 200 meters. ‘Everyone in 2nd Limit did their turns and worked together for the whole race. We caught the bunch ahead and they kept working with us which was great. We held it all together till Flinders Avenue, and then it started breaking up a bit. I knew from the crits that I couldn’t rely on a sprint so I went early and luckily I held on.’ Weitzel, who is new to cycling and only took the sport up last year to help with back issues, crossed the line spent but well clear of the chasers, with veterans Andy Dick and Tommy Gray taking second and third place respectively. Later, at the presentations, Weitzel praised the FCC for the way it brings new riders into the Club. ‘I think the Club has got it right when a rider can start the crits and get tips from people like Barry Cram; the whole Club has been really supportive so it makes it really enjoyable.’

Mere minutes behind, the battle for Fastest Time was a straight out duel between the Club’s two diesel engines, with Miles DaCosta and Travis Small powering up in a haze of black smoke and hammering it out all the way, and crossing the line within inches of each other; Small taking his first ‘Fastest Time’ medallion by the smallest of margins and looking pretty chuffed on his way back to the clubrooms.

1st Timm Weitzel @ 2:04:23, 2nd Andy Dick, 3rd Tommy Gray, 4th Mick Starcevic, 5th Cam Atchinson, 6th Paul Beasley, 7th Francisco Canonigo, 8th Michael Hazeldene, 9th Ian Duffin, 10th Shane McGuirk.

Fastest Time: Travis Small @ 2:07:17 (actual 1:47:17)

Bob Robson Memorial

Entries are now open to our ANZAC Day Criterium, the Bob Robson Memorial.

Racing kicks off with the support race at 1:30PM and the Main Race at 2:30PM. Presentations will be held at the Williamstown RSL at 4:00PM all placegetters must attend and we strongly encourage all riders, family (kids included), friends and spectators to come along as well. Food will be provided (BBQ lunch).

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The race is named and run in honour of the late Bob Robson, who was a foundation member of the Williamstown RSL Club and the Williamstown Cycling Club.

Robson was a well known and popular figure in Williamstown until his death in 1959. He owned and operated the Seagull Cycles shop on Ferguson Street, which was popular among cyclists.

The Bob Robson Memorial has formed part of the RSL Club’s Anzac Day celebrations since 1960.

A who’s who of Australian champions have won the famous race, including the legendary Peter Besanko, Don Allan, David Allan and John Bylsma.

Race is proudly supported by the Robson Family, the Williamstown RSL, Hobsons Bay City Council and the Westgate Community Road Safety Council.

Footscray Cycling Club Graded Scratch Races

Round 1 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s 2016 Winter Road Season saw a strong field of riders head out to Balliang in the Brisbane Ranges, with riders racing to the base of the dreaded Granite Road hills in perfect early-season riding conditions.

A-Grade decided to throw a few hard attacks in within a few kilometres of the start, which saw the bunch split into 3 separate groups; and once they hit the climbs it broke up even more. On the second climb, breakaway specialist Miles DaCosta broke away and built a 30 second lead, with Dom Dudkiewicz and Connor Murtagh in hot pursuit. Eventually Dudkiewicz and Murtagh reeled DaCosta in, and continued on up the road. Dudkiewicz took the sprint comfortably from Murtagh, with Alastair Tubb taking the bunch sprint shortly thereafter.

In B-Grade the bunch stayed intact for the majority of the race, but when it came to the endgame Allen Nash took a very strong win; Nash just streeting the field with his sprint, taking the win from fellow guest Daniel Stojanovski who was several bike lengths clear of veteran rider Ben O’Leary in third place.

In C-Grade, 39 year old St Kilda rider Nicholas Newby powered up the climbs with Brunswick rider Justin Foster in tow; the pair powering away from the bunch and staying clear until the sprint, where Newby took a strong sprint to top off a strong win, with Foster taking second place; the bunch sprint was then taken by Alan Palser for third place.

After two climbs through Staughton Vale, Ascot Vale resident Simon Kelson took the win in D-Grade’s road race; 37 year old Kelson powering over the climb towards Staughton Vale with Ado Barker; the pair well clear of the chasing bunch. ‘On the second set of climbs, Ado was pushing hard on the front and I looked back and saw a gap so I yelled out “Keep going mate” and we didn’t look back. We saw a bunch behind us and thought it was our bunch so we just kept pushing.’ Unbeknownst to the pair, it was actually B Grade they could see, but it paid off. Kelson, who had done the bulk of the work in the break, was given a clear run to the line just ahead of his breakaway partner Ado Barker who took a well-deserved second place, with David Danson taking the bunch sprint for third.

A: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Connor Murtagh, 3rd Alistair Tubb, 4th Travis Small, 5th Miles DaCosta.
B: 1st Allen Nash, 2nd Daniel Stojanovski, 3rd Ben O’Leary, 4th Josh Ryan, 5th Daniel Standen.
C: 1st Nicholas Newby, 2nd Justin Foster, 3rd Alan Palser, 4th Paul Downes, 5th Thomas Rebesco.
D: 1st Simon Kelson, 2nd Ado Barker, 3rd David Danson, 4th Walter Chetcuti, 5th Steven Biggs.

Frank O’Brien Memorial (The last one ever!)

Entries are now open to our first handicap of the season the Frank O’Brien Memorial next sunday.

To give enough time for the handicappers to put together the bunches, entries will close on Thursday 14-Apr-2016 at 9:00PM

Online entries only, if you have any issues contact or use Red Race button on the right.

Footscray Cycling Club AGM

In accordance with its Constitution, the FOOTSCRAY CYCLING CLUB INC will be holding its ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING on Sunday April 17th at the LITTLE RIVER CRICKET CLUB.
The AGM will be held IMMEDIATELY AFTER the O’Brien Memorial Race, and will only take 30 minutes.

We want as many members as possible there, as we are voting on ALL CLUB POSITIONS (Except Club Secretary which is due 2017).
Be part of your Club’s decision making process, be at the AGM!

FCC AGM April 2016 Agenda

FCC AGM April 2015 Minutes