Race Results and Report – BikeBug Summer Series – Race 4

Footscray Cycling Club Bikebug Summer Series Final @ Altona, 21/2/16.
A clean sweep of the points tally by A-Grade star and Kosdown rider Dom Dudkiewicz capped off the Footscray Cycling Club’s ‘Bikebug’ Super Series Grand Final, held on the fast and wide streets that make up the Drake Boulevard circuit in Altona in perfect riding conditions. With 148 riders contesting the series over 4 grades, the Finale saw riders in each grade step up in the hope of securing victory. Extending his A-Grade winning streak this summer to a staggering 17 races in a row, Club Champ Dominik Dudkiewicz sealed the win in the Series with a strong win today in the finale. ‘It was a beautiful day and we had a good field, boosted by the 5 guys from the Melbourne Uni team. The pace was a bit off and on; Travis Small and Miles DaCosta attacked early and I put in a few 50+ kay laps to break things up. I found myself out on my own for 7 or 8 laps, but I realised it was too early and went back to the bunch. With about 5 to go Travis rolled off the front and I went across to him and half-committed to the break and went hard to see how it would go. We saw we had a good break so I put the head down and kept it up till we crossed the line.’ Back in the bunch Andy McAuley took the sprint to take third place.
B-Grade’s race saw 35 year old Scott Brown take the hotly contested last race and the series with a strong sprint; the Niddrie resident being placed perfectly to snare the win. ‘I was boxing on for Agi Giramondo’s wheel with Agi’s mate heading to the last corner; I wanted his experienced wheel and he gave me a great leadout that was meant for his mate!’ Setting a fast pace, the large field of riders threw in several attacks but each and every break was chased down this week, leading to a mass bunch sprint that saw Sunbury rider Brown take the won over Craig Robertson and Luke Morrison.
C-Grade’s race saw 39 year old Yarraville resident David Macpherson take the finale when a strong 5 man breakaway rode away from the main bunch early on in the race. ‘About 15 minutes in I just went off the front, then after a bit someone else joined me, and then another, and when we had a good break it was all on. We just kept going and did not get caught. The sprint was great for me; I was about 4th wheel going into the straight.’ Brown took the sprint from Adam Fenton and Mark Spiteri, with Layland Webb taking the overall Series.

D-Grade’s race saw 43 year old Kensington resident Dean Sammut take the win today in his first race in years. ‘It was good to be in the mix; I hadn’t raced in 7 years and it was hard as I wasn’t sure who to chase and who to watch, but what was great was how the other riders were friendly and respectful to race with.’ ‘I was on the second wheel going into the last corner and I hit out early, fully expecting to see someone go past me but no one did!’ Sammut took the win from Cam Atchinson and Timm Weitzel, with the overall Series going to Gareth Burnett.

Series Race #4 – FINAL
A: 1st Dom Dudkiewicz, 2nd Travis Small, 3rd Andrew McAuley, 4th Ross Mueller, 5th Jaosn Costin.
B: 1st Scott Brown, 2nd Craig Robertson, 3rd Luke Morrison, 4th Agostino Giramondo, 5th Simon Whelan.
C: 1st David Macpherson, 2nd Adam Fenton, 3rd Mark Spiteri, 4th Matt Arthur, 5th Alan Palser.
D: 1st Dean Sammut, 2nd Cameron Atchinson, 3rd Timm Weitzel, 4th Walter Chetcuti, 5th Robert Raats.

Bikebug Summer Series Final Standings.
A: 1st Dominik Dudkiewicz, 2nd Andrew McAuely, 3rd Travis Small.
B: 1st Scott Brown, 2nd Brett Manning, 3rd Simon Whelan.
C: 1st Layland Webb 2nd David Macpherson, 3rd Tim Hobbs.
D: 1st Gareth Burnett, 2nd Cameron Atchinson, 3rd Timm Weitzel.

Vale “Muzza” Zanatta

Condolences from all at FCC to the Zanatta families on the death last Friday of “Muzza” (Earnest John) Zanatta.

Muzza, who was 75 years old, was brother to Frank and uncle to Mark, both FCC Life Members.

Race Report and Results – VU – R32

Very windy, very low numbers. I’m sure the crap conditions kept riders away.

In A Grade, Directeur Sportif of State of Matter MAAP Racing Team, Damo Harris, bought a few of his boys down for a hit out, and 21 year old South Australian Chris Harper took a strong win after soloing off the front of a 3 man break. Harper, team mate Harry Sweeney and Travis Small took off from the start, building up a solid lead on the chasers. At about the half way point, Harper, who wore the KOM jersey for much of this year’s Herald Sun Tour, rode away from his breakaway buddies to solo to the win.

In B Grade, a small bunch threw quite a few attacks at each other, which led to the bunch being quite broken up towards the end. Mark Micallef chased the attack of Michael Francis with 3 to go, and the pair worked well until Francis tired; Micallef then riding the last half lap alone with the rest of the bunch broken up and all finished in dribs and drabs.

In C, Richard Parker held off Dave Lane to take the bunch sprint, and in D Phil Krajewski and Jarron Fisher took off at the half way point and stayed away for the rest of the race, remaining about 3/4 of a lap up on the chasers.

A: Chris Harper, Harry Sweeney, Travis Small, Gerard Zammit, Dean Maclennan.
B: Mark Micallef, Matt Johnson, Phil Tehan, Matt Strachan, Michael Francis.
C: Richard Parker, David Lane, James Black, Paul Downes, Paul Beasley.
D: Phil Krajewski, Jarron Fisher, Barry Cram, Peter Bloink, Ray Moriaty.

Race Report and Results – BikeBug Summer Series – Race 3

Round 31 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s summer criterium racing saw riders contest the FCC Summer Series Race #3 of 4 at Drake Boulevard in Altona on a beautiful summer’s morning.

In A-Grade, it split at about 20-25 minutes, with Dom Dudkiewicz, Miles DaCosta and Andrew McAuley getting away. Eventually Andrew dropped back to the bunch. The bunch kept the 2 leaders in reach for most of the race and looked capable of bringing them back several times. However, late in the race they must have started thinking about just 3rd place and the 2 leaders kept the pressure on and opened up a comfortable gap winning easily.

In B-Grade, Emanuel Arena and Simon Whelan got away early and never looked back. They worked well together with the bunch not seeming too interested in chasing as some in the bunch were not aware of the break that was up the road. Daniel Standen tried to get a chase going, to no avail, and Agi Giramondo put in a surge late in the race, but the 2 leaders won by about 40 seconds, with Allen Nash taking the bunch sprint.

There were several attacks in both the C and D races but all came back and both ended in sprints. In both cases Joe Bury in D and Leyland Webb in C won the sprints comfortably.

One more race to go riders!

Don’t forget you get 2 BONUS points for racing all 4 races, and 1 BONUS point for racing 3. Get to the Grand Finale!!!

Race #3 Results
A: 10 pts Dom Dudkiewicz, 8 Miles DaCosta, 6 Andrew McAuley, 4 Ross Mueller, 2 Jason Costin.
B: 10 pts Emanuel Arena, 8 Simon Whelan, 6 Allen Nash, 4 Agostino Giramondo, 2 Piers Nyeholt.
C: 10 pts Leyland Webb, 8 Tim Hobbs, 6 David Macpherson, 4 Justin Sheppard, 2 Mark Spiteri.
D: 10 pts Joe Bury, 8 Alistair Delooze, 6 Tim Weitzel, 4 Peter Browne, 2 Walter Chetcuti.

Race Report and Results – VU – R30

Most notable performance here was Paul Scouller, who lapped B and rode every single rider into submission. Hell of a ride. Same goes for Mick Gallagher, or ‘Mr 900 watts’ as I like to call him!
A: Michael Gallagher, Travis Small, Leigh Clifford, Shane Ward, Ben O’Leary
B: Paul Scouller, Andreas Mavridis, Matt Johnson, Anthony Rebesco, Phil Tehan
C: Richard Parker, Shane McGuirk, Tony Murrell, Paul Downes
D: David Danson, Barry Cram, Michael Scragg, Graeme Wilson, Dennis Hobbs

Race Report and Results – BikeBug Summer Series – Race 2

Footscray Cycling Club Summer Series race #2 @ Drake Blvd, 7/2/16.

Round 29 of the Footscray Cycling Club’s summer criterium racing saw riders contest the FCC Summer Series Race #2 of 4 at Drake Boulevard in Altona on a sensational summer’s morning with a light Southerly blowing.

In A-Grade, Dom Dudkiewicz tried to break up proceedings with a series of attacks to break the field up, but the bunch just kept dragging itself back into the fray. ‘I put in a few tentative attacks at the start and then I put in a couple of more serious attacks, including one lap averaging 49kph and we were down to about 7 or 8 and then after a few more hits we were down to 5; me, Travis, Miles, Ross and Andy, and then I tried four or five times to get off the front; once for 10 minutes, and I wanted to bring one guy with me but the 4 were just working well together so I knew I needed to go back to them and that’s how we stayed until the end. Ross Meuler went hard before the last corner and I hesitated a bit and he has maybe 4 bike lengths on me. I thought I’d blown it but I dug deep and didn’t ease up and passed him as we hit the line. Dudkiewicz took the win and the Series lead from Meuler and Andy McAuley In second and third.

In B-Grade, a late race 2 man break saw 32 year old Geelong CC rider Piers Nyeholt and Steven Moses ride clear of the bunch and take the first 2 placings, with the hotly contested bunch sprint being taken by Scott Brown from Craig Brinsdon. Nyeholt and Moses went up the road with Michael Dam, but soon found themselves on their own. ‘Once it was the two of us, we just settled in to swapping turns and we worked really well together. No deals, just get to the end. The bunch nearly caught us but we hung in.’

In C-Grade, Leyland Webb went one better that his second in Race #1, taking the sprint from Seb Chetcuti and just up from D Andre Vidic; Webb putting himself in the box seat with the series lead.

In D-Grade, Gareth Burnett also went one better than last week, taking the win in D from Peter Brown and Cam Atchison; Burnett sitting pretty in the series lead.

Race #2 Results
A: 10 pts Dom Dudkiewicz, 8 Ross Meuler, 6 Andrew McAuley, 4 Miles DaCosta, 2 Travis Small.
B: 10 pts Piers Nyeholt, 8 Steven Moses, 6 Scott Brown, 4 Craig Brinsdon, 2 Simon Whelan.
C: 10 pts Leyland Webb, 8 Sebastien Chetcuti, 6 Andre Vidic, 4 Richard Parker, 2 Tim Hobbs.
D: 10 pts Gareth Burnett, 8 Peter Brown, 6 Cameron Atchison, 4 Cameron Godwin, 2 Mel Humphries-Grey.

Race Report and Results – VU – R28

Very very windy night (surprise surprise) and riders really had to work to stay on.
A: Dom Dudkiewicz, Mick Gallagher, Leigh Kelly, Craig Robertson, Dean Maclennan.
B: Rory Wilson, Thomas Rebesco, Matt Johnson, Phil Tehan, Michael Dam.
C: Oscar Dart, Mark Spiteri, Michael Hazeldine, David Lane, Shane McGuirk
D: David Jukes, Michael Scragg, Cameron Atchison,

(Above TBC very hard to understand my recorder as all I can hear is the wind!)

Dom and Mick blew everyone (except Leigh Kelly) away with an insane turn of pace, lapping the field so regularly that Phil Tehan got dizzy. B-Grade were hammered by 30 year old Altona lad Rory Wilson, who is strong and took the sprint with ease from an impressive young Tom Rebesco. Rory has now lapped C and is strong in B, so looks like a rider to watch in the future. C Grade saw the first 3 runners really work the bunch over and David Dukes took a strong win in D.

Andrew McKellar’s Memorial Service

Andrew’s wife Nerrida and sister Jane were touched by the kind wishes expressed by FCC members. The club had Andrew’s sashes framed for Nerrida. Many thanks to Paul Kenny and Altona Picture Framing for helping out and to Les Hopper for his great photos.